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  • The ultimate Kyma stretch. Please consider the full suite of spectral FFT processors

    WF FFTBlur (early version)

    FFT based spectral blurring effect made with NeverEngine Labs WireFrames library. There is no internal reverb or convolution used in this Class. It is very efficient and can run at high sample rates.

    Designed by Gustav Scholda and Cristian Vogel. (c) NeverEngine Labs 2017

    AdjustTc At 0 the TimeConstant is shared amongst all Magnitudes. Explore different distribution ratios across the Magnitudes from -1 to 1.

    Reset Reset the blurring algorithm. This is useful if you want to get rid of some offset introduced by shaping the timeconstant.

    FftSize FFT size will be rounded internally to the nearest power of two. Try 8192 for long blurred textures.

    Freeze If set to true the interpolation is bypassed and the class works like a sampleAndHold outputting freezed frames at an interval specified by timeconstant.

    TimeConstant Sets the timeconstant for the blurring.

    Input Mono  or Stereo Sound.

    * file dependencies added

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