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Feature requests: 'save session' and 'paste filepath into the search feild to navigate to a folder in the Sound Browser'

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Apologies in advance for double-barrelled feature request, I wont bang on about it ;)

Often I'm working on different projects at overlapping times. Any project can involve multiple .kym files and often several browsers open so when projects overlap there is either a lot of windows to deal with or a fair bit of closing and reopening of various windows.

Kyma already retains open .kym files, editors and sound browsers between sessions.
I think the ability to save and recall all open windows at the time in Kyma as a 'session' file could be a real benefit.

I often copy and paste filepaths to navigate to folders quickly in Windows and also in the open file dialog in Kyma.

Some way of navigating a sound browser instantly to a folder would be very useful.
I tried pasting a filepath into the search feild (it seemed logical) but it doesnt work.

All the best,
asked Jul 31, 2017 in Using Kyma by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,050 points)
i also work like that (many projects at the same time) and end up with many browsers open which is neither ideal and usually end's up "loosing" a browser and having to get it back.

Indeed it would be nice to have something ike a session and/or even better imo "tabbed" browsers instead of all them being all over the place.



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