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Wacom issues in iOS Sierra?

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Has anyone had issues with Wacom tablets in iOS Sierra?

My tablet is working fine as a cursor but Kyma is not reading when set to control a sound.
asked Dec 7, 2017 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by jake-harper (230 points)
I'm seeing this same issue over here running Mac OS 10.11.6 using an Intuous 5 tablet. This is happening with Wacom driver 6.3.25-2 as well as the newer 6.3.27-2. I did try changing "Do not click, but control cursor" in the Cursor Behavior section, to no avail.
For now, please use the 6.3.15-3 Wacom driver. Thanks!
Thanks much for the reply. I've installed 6.3.15-3, rebooted my Mac, and set prefs to  "Do not click, but control cursor" and restarted Kyma but there is no change. The Tablet continues to control the cursor, but does not function as a controller for sounds beyond doing what the cursor/mouse can do (no pressure, no tilt). Is there something else I am missing? I've not done a lot of work with the tablet, it usually "just works". I don't recall having to do anything special with it previously. Does it matter if it's connected to the Kyma or the Mac? I've tried both. Thanks for your help!
You have to connect the Wacom to your Mac. In Windows I had first to uninstall the driver that created the problem.

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We are working with Wacom on this issue. Until this is resolved, we recommend using the Wacom driver:


If that driver does not work with your tablet, then use


For more about this issue, please see the last answer in this thread:

answered Dec 7, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (64,060 points)
selected Dec 7, 2017 by jake-harper
6.3.15-3 plus "select Preferences from the Edit menu in Kyma, click the Wacom button, and choose "Do not click, but control cursor" in the Cursor Behavior section. Then quit Kyma and start it up again" got me to a working pen! thanks!
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I just installed the latest Win10 driver 6.3.27-2(for Mac too) from here and it works:

answered Jan 5 by roland-kuit (Adept) (1,370 points)