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    Mathis Nitschke

    One DSP, Stereo Ins and Outs, USB, Midi, permanent Memory so the whole thing can run standalone:



    I would so much like to see the Kyma version of it … ! And I bet it would attract quite a lot of new users!


    Thanks for the suggestion.  (Bet you want one with a bigger brain though 😉


    Interesting idea, actually this would enable building Kyma Hardware Effects.

    And yes, bigger brain please 😉

    Mathis Nitschke

    Well, the beauty of these Maker devices like Raspberry Pi and this Axoloti is their cheapness. The Axoloti costs 65 Dollars. I guess that’s not possible with a bigger brain.


    That said I’d imagine the microKyma with one DSP. But I guess for the little things I imagine with it half a DSP would be suffice as well.


    Sure, it would be expensive, I’d expect it to be around $1000. Which is on second thought quite expensive even for a very good hardware effect. And still it’s only 1 DSP, so quite limited if you enter the spectral world 😉

    Not sure about this, let’s see what SSC is up to 😊


    BTW concerning standalone: it would be great if I could precompile Sounds or a Multigrid onto a stick which I can plug in the back of the pacarana and then use KymaControl and/or OSC / MIDI to start and control it. This way you could get rid of the computer for a show. 👍


    Dear Kymaguy.

    I 2nd that. This is actually a dream of mine and i thought it might happen with Kyma 7 which is already much more improved towards the live performer. Every day i am amazed by the new possibilities in Kyma 7. Espacially the multigrid made many things for me so much easier.

    An USB “Kyma Stick” or even better a dedicated “SSC Firewire SSD” or FW Stick with your own pre-compiled live project files in the back of my Pacarana maybe with the addition of a simple selection menu on boot-up to select one of your projects for live would be fantastic.

    Just connected a soundcard + MIDI/OSC controller or an iPad for KymaControl.  That’ s it.

    For editing in the hotel/studio a full featured general purpose laptop/computer with a keyboard and a mouse is perfect, but for performance i enjoy hardware buttons, faders, sliders,pads or keys. …

    Personally for performances even a minimal single iPad with KymaControl would make more sense to me then the minimal current mouse/trackpad/wacom + laptop combination.

    Actually the lack of standalone mode is why i  bought an old Nord Modular G2 (again) for a new side project one week ago. Compared to Kyma the G2 is very  limited when it comes to sound creation or real-time composing, but it is robust and can be used without my expansive full featured laptop computer.

    Just my 5 cent…


    All the best




    The funny think is: Once i was playing a show and the Macbook crashed because the Apple FW <-> thunderbolt adapter got lose from heavy vibrations at the location where the laptop was standing.(Yeah i know i tape it now) But my Kyma live sound continued to run and still worked with all my parts. I could just controlled the Pacarana via a direct connected MIDI controller to the TC audio interface it was using.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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