Bart’s Kyma Tutorial B. The StepSequencer

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StepSequencer Tutorial #7: Index numbers don't match
2016-05-11 08:15 #

To Stephen Taylor: You asked why the StartIndex-EndIndex span 7 values (0 through 6) while the sw01 thru sw06, starting as they do with a 1, not a 0, only span 6 values. The only thing I can say is that the reason, like so many things in Kyma, is because they work that way and don’t work when I match the EndIndex to the ExtraValues. Much of what I do in Kyma is seat-of-the pants experimentation. Whatever works is in, whatever doesn’t work is out. Sometimes you just have to

take things on faith and be glad that the musical result is exactly what you want (as it is here). So,etimes it is good to try to not dig too deeply into the mysterious workings of Kyma. Thanks for your kind words, and please let me know how you are making out generally with all the tutorials.

Bart McLean

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