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  • Turn an Akai APC40 hardware controller into a Kyma Virtual Control Surface.

    vKA  delivers most of the features of the VCS in an intuitive, easy to use manner. Since the APC40 was designed as a control surface for Ableton Live, vKA allows use of the APC40 with Ableton Live even while controlling a Kyma sound. vKA has special “smarts” to alternate between “Live mode” and “VCS mode” without missing a beat.  vKA with the APC40 may well be the best option if you like to use Kyma on stage.


    * Native OSX user agent program compatible with Intel and G5 Macs running Leopard or Intel Macs running 10.5 or higher

    * Transforms the Akai APC40’s MIDI commands to and from appropriate Kyma VCS control messages

    * Supports Symbolic Sound Capybara sound engine and Paca(rana) family of sound engines

    * Works with a direct MIDI connection to the sound engine, or optionally with the Paca(rana) using its “MIDI-over-OSC” network MIDI protocol

    * Provides a “virtual MIDI port” when used with the Paca(rana) and “MIDI-over-OSC”, giving MIDI applications direct communication with the Paca(rana) without additional MIDI or USB interfaces.

    * Retains Ableton Live APC40 compatibility

    * Easy one button switching between controlling Ableton Live or Kyma VCS

    * Can be used with Delora KymaConnect/PacaConnect utility to further expand the Paca(rana)’s MIDI connections

    * "Set up once and forget about it" ease-of-use

    vKA can be purchased from the Delora website, for $32.95 USD.


    * Mac OSX 10.5 or higher (G5 Macs supported on Leopard only)

    * Akai APC40 Ableton Controller

    * Symbolic Sound Kyma x.85 (or higher) with Paca, Pacarana or Capybara sound design engine running most recent Kyma software and firmware

    * To be used with Kyma Capybara (or Paca(rana) without the MIDI-Over-OSC feature), vKA requires a Firewire, USB or other physical MIDI interface connecting the Kyma hardware to your Mac

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