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  • Control Symbolic Sound’s  Kyma X Paca, Pacarana or Capybara sound design system using your iPad.  Connect with MIDI or OSC!

    Mac and PC users can enjoy the benefits of the Delora vKiP control surface app on the iPad.  vKiP offers the choice of 3 methods to connect with Kyma:

    * Wi-Fi OSC to Paca(rana)s or Delora Software's KymaConnect and CapyLink MAC applications;

    * USB MIDI through a compatible MIDI interface connected to the iPad; or

    * network MIDI to any Mac running OSX 10.5 or later, or a Windows PC with CoreMIDI compatible network MIDI driver installed.

    When using Wi-Fi OSC with Paca(rana)s, no other computer programs, drivers, or utilities are needed.

    Conveniently arranged on one screen, vKiP's controls are optimized in size and layout for both landscape and portrait modes.  Adjust sound parameters with faders and rotaries in normal and fine mode. Browse and load in Kyma sound snapshots, plus more! Untether yourself from the computer mouse and screen.

    vKiP comes with 2 theme styles - 'Classic' or 'Modern', to alter the look of the app. Change theme styles and other preferences using the iOS Settings app.  vKiP has 3 "shortcut" buttons that control Kyma's DSP when you use our KymaConnect OSX application. These buttons remotely stop/start DSP processing, or play/pause the current sound.


    * Manipulate and set Kyma sound parameters through faders and rotaries optimized for touch-screen control

    * Control eight faders and eight rotaries at a time

    * Full VCS bank support

    * Swap fader and rotary controls

    * Control parameters with normal or fine adjustment mode

    * Browse or load-in Kyma sound snapshots

    * Adjust Kyma’s master volume or mute all sound

    * View current parameter values using Selector buttons

    * Three DSP shortcut buttons to control start/stop and pause/play (only available when used in conjunction with Delora KymaConnect on your Mac)

    * Two theme styles

    * OSC or MIDI connection options

    * Preference settings to disable sleep mode, faders "jump on touch" and liner rotary operation

    * Supports multiple Kyma systems on the same network

    vKiP can be purchased from the iTunes App Store - vKiP  for $19.99 USD.


    * iPad or iPad mini using iOS 5.1 or higher

    * Symbolic Sound Kyma x.82 (or later) with Paca or Pacarana sound design engine running latest firmware

    * Capybara sound engine can be used instead of a Paca or Pacarana provided ONE of these is true:

    - You have a Mac with bidirectional MIDI connection to the Capybara, and Mac is running Delora KymaConnect or CapyLink (see for information about KymaConnect);

    - You have a Mac with bidirectional MIDI connection to the Capybara, and you connect vKiP using network MIDI;

    - You are using a Windows PC that has a bidirectional MIDI connection to the Capybara, a CoreMIDI compatible network MIDI driver installed, and you connect vKiP using network MIDI (see the vKiP user manual on our website for more information);

    - You have an iPad compatible MIDI interface that connects bidirectionally to the Capybara, and you connect vKiP using regular MIDI

    * Direct OSC connection to Paca or Pacarana requires Wi-Fi access between the iPad and the Paca or Pacarana.  When using CapyLink, PacaConnect, or KymaConnect, your Mac running these applications must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad. Network MIDI connections require that the Mac or PC connects to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad.

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