First order ambisonic encoder/decoder 2.5a

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NEL Kyma Ambisonic Toolkit also available
2019-06-16 06:15 #

I’m not sure who published these here, but I think its only fair to comment here that at NeverEngineLabs we published a full suite of encapsulated classes in 2018 for Ambisonic sound design and spatialisation. It was one year of development by Cristian Vogel and Anders Tveit. If you are interested in exploring Ambisonics in Kyma, then please consider reading what our package has to offer.


All our Ambisonic encoder and mixer Classes can render Ambisonic encoded audio files direct to Disk, in B-Format or Ambix. Our decoders stream realtime to our own highly efficient Binaural3D and various 3D and 2D channel based formats.

We also designed a number of totally unique Kyma style effects Classes for working directly on the Ambisonic encoded audio in highly innovative ways.

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