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How do you implement mono-synth portamento and last note priority

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With many synths and keyboards, if they're monophonic or they've been set to monophonic, they have a portamento or glide setting that will slide the frequency between two notes if you press the second key down before letting go of the first key. But if you play staccato there's no gliding between notes.

They also have last-note priority where if you're holding down one key you will hear that note, if you then press a second key while still holding the first, you'll hear the second key's pitch, and then if you let go of the second key you'll hear the first key's pitch again.

How would you do that in kyma?

For instance if I'm using a KeyMappedMultiSample with !KeyDown in the Gate parameter, when I press the second key it does take over from the first, but when I release the second key the Sound stops playing even though the first key is still held down.

I tried a few experiments with the MidiVoice but not successfully. If I use a MidiVoice to sense two simultaneous key presses how could I "OR" the !KeyDowns together so my monophonic Sound keeps playing after I let go of the second key? How can I detect there are two keys down and turn on pitch glide? When I let go of the second key how do I reinstate the pitch of the first key?
asked Mar 10 in Using Kyma by alan-jackson (Virtuoso) (12,590 points)
Hi Alan,

We have worked out an example of how to do highest-pitch priority along with portamento and will be posting it along with the next Kyma update.

1 Answer

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KymaSound Library / Controls & data-driven instruments / Monophonic Highest Pitch Priority Policy.kym

there are examples of three approaches to implementing monophonic voice-stealing policies (in this case giving the highest pitch the priority).

answered Mar 20 by ssc (Savant) (101,320 points)