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How do I successfully connect my Pacarana to my Mac Pro running 7+ and Mojave via Ethernet?

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Hi - I am having the same problem, on a Mac Pro running Mojave.  I upgraded to 7++ and wanted to use gigabit ethernet instead of firewire.  Plugged an Ethernet 5e cable into Expansion Port B of my Pacarana, and into the gigabit ethernet port on the Mac - no adapters required.  Kyma 7++ is not recognizing any Pacarana connected to the computer.  Thanks for any advice!
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asked Feb 2, 2021 in Hardware & Interfaces by theodore-liston (140 points)
Is the Pacarana firmware up to date (more recent than 2019)?
I am able to connect by firewire, downloaded a bunch of files.  I will restart everything and check again.  Thanks, SSC!
Thank you!  It was an outdated firmware issue.  The Pacarana is now connected by gigabit ethernet.

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I am sure the original spec said Cat 6  but maybe SSC would have mentioned that in the reply, I have Cat 6 and it worked for me with Mojave on my MBP.
answered Feb 3, 2021 by simon-smith (Adept) (1,200 points)
Thanks for the response, simon-smith.  I also tried a Cat6 cable and Kyma wasn't recognizing my Pacarana.  I am plugging the cable into Expansion Port B as per the instructions - is that correct?  Thanks!