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updating MemoryWriter as an iterative data structure container

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Hi to everyone,


I'm dealing with the MemoryWriter as a generic array of floats.


My intention is to fill the table with, let's say,  64 floats values, be able to read  them at different speeds (including samplerate), to perform some operation on them (i.e.  even a trivial scaling operation by another audio rate running signal) and to store the output  back in the very same place (so as a continuos iterative process over a finite number of floats). This could be done, cyclically or, on request triggering a gate.


I could use those floats then as normalized frequency values,  scaling factors, filter coefficients, quantized wavetables etc...


Any suggestion from this kind community would be of great help.


Many many thanks !




asked Dec 29, 2017 in Using Kyma by federico-placidi (120 points)
From what you describe, the best approach might be to create 64 Sounds (using Replicator or Script). Then you can use the outputs of those Sounds in multiple ways. You could even place each Sound into a DelayWithFeedback and use the Replicator to set the delays such that each Sound is one sample delayed from the previous one (if you really want to record successive values into a wavetable). But it may not actually be necessary to record the Sounds in a wavetable, since you can iteratively, process, writing into FeedbackLoopInput and read from FeedbackLoopOutput in each of the 64 signal flows.
Nice Tip.
Many thanks and an happy and creative new year to everyone at SSC.

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