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Multi Live input for MultiSampleCloud

Roland Kuit
Multi Live input for MultiSampleCloud example.

Ring Modulated Filter Feedback Trick

Roland Kuit
Old trick from the analogue modular synthesis field. Here with Sequencer.


Based on Anne La Berge's Assail Sequencer, this is an example of how to create a StepSequencer where each parameter…

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  • NEL StemPrinter launched

    Hi My latest invention released today at The StemPrinter system and workflow enables you to commit to broad edit decisions (“reel-time”) whilst […]

  • Reply To: Beat slicer

    cheers Jon – Ill have a look. bw c […]

  • Reply To: Beat slicer

    Craig, Don’t know if this is what you are after. Somewhat simulates Ableton’s Beat Repeat effect. I included a few […]

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