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  • Commented: Brick-wall limiter

    Hi ssc, I've been using sets of pairs of low pass/high pass filters connected in series. I want to vary the bandwidth of the filter depending on the frequency to which it's being […]

  • Commented: batch spectral analysis tool tutorial

    Thanks very much.  I have many field recordings of various things that I want to time stretch and mangle.  This will help get me on my way! […]

  • Commented: ADAT routing issues

    Hi Jake, In the DSP Status window, Configuration, Route Outputs opens a Matrix of checkboxes. How do you have your Kyma outputs routed to the Track16 outputs? […]

Recent Community Library Uploads

NEL WireFrames FFTBlur

Cristian Vogel
The ultimate Kyma stretch. WF FFTBlur FFT based spectral blurring effect made with NeverEngine Labs WireFrames library. There is no…

Multi Live input for MultiSampleCloud

Roland Kuit
Multi Live input for MultiSampleCloud example.

Ring Modulated Filter Feedback Trick

Roland Kuit
Old trick from the analogue modular synthesis field. Here with Sequencer.

New on the Kyma 7 Forum

  • Kyma and Seaboard Block

    Hi everyone!   Has anybody try to use the Seaboard Block with Kyma? It looks really cool but I’d like to know if it’s compatible before purchasing.   Thanks- […]

  • Duffings Equation

    I thought this might be of interest (in particular to Carla) reminds me of the Lorenz attractor. I like the sounds he gets with it. I think he did his PHD thesis on this too. […]

  • Reply To: Beat slicer

    Charlie Norton Had one too… […]

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