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Polynomial Waveshaping

Cristian Vogel
An encapsulated Class which I designed for the NeverEngineLabs Signal Symbol Lab. The Sound explores polynomial waveshaping, in particular Chebyshev…


Matteo Milani
drumsFormer is quite simple but colourful convolution based stereo Sound. Eight folders containing each one different custom made Impulse Responses…

Boolean Vocal Formants

Roland Kuit
Boolean trig/ticks maker with use over NevLabs Logic modules

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  • Reply To: Kyma and Seaboard Block

    Hi , Total Kyma noob here. I plugged my Seaboard block into my Paca, and yes I did get midi information across multiple channels. However , I could not work out how to get any of […]

  • Reply To: Kyma and Seaboard Block

    They are MPE Compatible, and I had fun using the Seaboard Keyboard thing when I had a chance. Did you take the plunge already? I was thinking of trying one! […]

  • Reply To: physical modeling synthesis concepts/ideas

    I’ve seen his physM toolkit site, but i thought none of them worked—it’s good to know that some of them do—but it’d be nice if he lowered his price to […]

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  • VR_I: social, free roaming virtual reality

    Gilles Jobin’s VR_I — an immersive virtual reality contemporary dance experience with a 3D sound track created entirely in Kyma.7 — has its […]

  • Bach meets Kyma

    On 30 September 2017 Franz Danksagmüller performed the premiere of his newly commissioned work “Kyrie” at the Hildebrandt-Tage in […]

  • Sound & Music for Augmenting Reality

    KISS2017 in Oslo Norway 12-15 October 2017 — a symposium on new opportunities for sound designers & musicians in virtual, augmented and mixed […]

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