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ModalFilter Vocal Formants BPFs revisited

Essentially the same Sound as the prototype "ModalFilter Vocal Formants BPFs" but I changed the code so it's easy to…

Probable Values Sequencer

Ben Phenix
Background I was reading a bit about the Wogglebug and Noisering and decided to try and make something similar.  Then…

Prophet 5 inspired synth.

Ben Phenix
Slightly updated version of an old sound published to the wiki years ago.  Based on the Prophet 5 architecture but…

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  • Reply To: Ambisonics and Kyma

    Awesome, I look forward to hearing your creations! […]

  • Reply To: Ambisonics and Kyma

    Hi, I have worked extensively with Ambisonic (Higher Orders )  in conjunction with Kyma, not in Kyma itself.  However I am currently together with Christian Vogel and […]

  • Ambisonics and Kyma

    Anyone doing ambisonic work in Kyma?  Been playing around with some VR stuff lately and would be cool to design some ambisonic soundscapes. […]

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