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WireFrames Library: Reference Documentation

Cristian Vogel
This is a book about the Library we have just published. The library itself is available here

Polynomial Waveshaping

Cristian Vogel
An encapsulated Class which I designed for the NeverEngineLabs Signal Symbol Lab. The Sound explores polynomial waveshaping, in particular Chebyshev…


Matteo Milani
drumsFormer is quite simple but colourful convolution based stereo Sound. Eight folders containing each one different custom made Impulse Responses…

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  • Reply To: Kyma day in London!

    Hi Geoff, Welcome. We discussed it at the conference as there have been some changes of situations. I have a mailing list for the uk Kyma users email me at […]

  • Reply To: Kyma day in London!

    Any plans for a Kyma London session this year? I’m a new Kyma owner and would be great to meet a few of you. Thanks Geoff […]

  • Kyma X hard copy for sale?

    Hi I know there is a PDF copy avail but I’m hoping to get a hard copy and SSC don’t sell them anymore. Does anyone have a spare copy they would be willing to sell […]

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