Join us as we explore the theme of Augmenting Reality through talks, live performances, hands-on workshops, and lively discussions at the Kyma International Sound Symposium, KISS 2017 in Oslo Norway 12-15 October 2017. Registration closes 5 October!

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Matteo Milani
drumsFormer is quite simple but colourful convolution based stereo Sound. Eight folders containing each one different custom made Impulse Responses…

Boolean Vocal Formants

Roland Kuit
Boolean trig/ticks maker with use over NevLabs Logic modules

NEL WireFrames FFTBlur

Cristian Vogel
The ultimate Kyma stretch. WF FFTBlur FFT based spectral blurring effect made with NeverEngine Labs WireFrames library. There is no…

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  • Sound & Music for Augmenting Reality

    KISS2017 in Oslo Norway 12-15 October 2017 — a symposium on new opportunities for sound designers & musicians in virtual, augmented and mixed […]

  • Architecture of Sound

    RIETVELD PAVILION — Roland Emile Kuit’s new album published by Donemus — is now available on iTunes. The album was released in conjunction […]

  • Kyma 7.12 Sound Design Software Update

    New Sounds, help for learning Capytalk, plus handy new features in the Timeline, Multigrid and Virtual Control Surface Kyma 7.12, the latest update […]

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