In 1990, we started Symbolic Sound in a student apartment, building the first Capybaras at the kitchen table and working at desks made out of rejected doors from a lumber yard.

Like most artists/engineers/scientists and others who are passionate about their vocation, we’re driven by ideas and the desire to continuously (some might say obsessively) develop and refine our creations.

Kyma 7 represents three years of continuous development, creation, refinement, and close interaction with our alpha testers; this was followed by a grueling test period with our beta testers and preceded by 30 years of passion for sound (guided by graduate degrees in computer science, electrical engineering and music composition).

For us, it’s all about the sound, it’s about the ideas, and it’s about learning and developing our product and ourselves. Some companies sell whatever it takes to make money and please shareholders; we sell the results of our life’s work in order to make it possible for us to continue to refine and improve on that work and to share our results with others, so that they, in turn, can use it in their own creative or scientific work. Our biggest satisfaction comes from hearing how you’ve used Kyma in your own life’s work and learning even more from all of your experiences.

Thank you for caring about creativity, imagination, and high-quality sound!