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First order ambisonic encoder/decoder

Allen Wu
These are encoders and decoders for first order ambisonic type B.  It also contains encorder that allows you to pan  Read More

Void v.2 & Void Quad

Johannes Regnier
Improved version of the Void reverb. Changes: Skew parameter Stereo & Surround (quad) version, with 4 uncorrelated channels 2 patches + 2 encapsulated classes.  Read More

Encapsulation Walkthrough

Jon Bellona
The files provide a current walkthrough of encapsulation that supplements existing documentation.  Full documentation currently at:  Read More
Notes : Initially used for Data Sonification course at University of Oregon (Winter 2019)

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  • HMMPatternGenerator

    Composers and sound designers are masters of pattern generation — skilled at inventing, discovering, modifying, and combining patterns with […]

  • Student Projects MUS-507

    Excerpts of semester projects for Music 507 “Design Patterns for Sound & Music” at the University of Illinois, Spring semester […]

  • KISS2016: Emergence, Emergent Ensemble

    The Emergent Ensemble was formed not only for KISS2016, but during KISS2016. It has been assembled by Robert Jarvis, trombonist and improviser with […]

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  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorial D: Spectral Concepts, Part 2.

    This is a continuation of Tutorial D, Part 1. In this tutorial, we explore live spectral analysis/resynthesis and spectral modification. We continue using the same Kyma […]

  • Control Signals at Audio Rate

    This article addresses control signals at audio rate in the context of a working installation, Selector. Selector is an audio-visual installation that syncs audio changes […]

  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorials D: Spectral Concepts, Part 1

    In this tutorial, we explore spectral analysis and resynthesis. Before beginning this tutorial, please download the Kyma Tutorial Sound file that contains the Sounds discussed […]

Latest Eighth Nerve News

  • New Pattern Generator for Kyma 7.25

    Generate sequences based on the patterns discovered in your MIDI files Symbolic Sound today released a new module that generates endlessly evolving […]

  • KISS2019: Resonance 공명

    Sound designers, electronic/computer musicians and researchers are invited to join us in Busan South Korea 29 August through 1 September 2019 for the […]

  • Ghosts in the Uncanny Valley

    Composer/saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar will be at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music on Monday, February 4th, 2019 to perform his work, […]

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