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Carla's BPM-Accurate Choppers

Mark Phillips
Here is a small collection of sounds that Carla sent to me as I was working on Favorable Odds. I  Read More

Sounds fom my KISS 2018 presentation

Mark Phillips
Here are main sounds that I shared with during my presentation at KISS 2018 in Santa Cruz. unconventional ("unreliable") delay, using  Read More

Simulated Annealing Tool

John Mantegna
This tool implements an algorithmic composition technique based on simulated annealing.  Simulated annealing belongs to a class of probabilistic  algorithms  Read More

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  • Interview with Madison Heying

    Madison Heying is a PhD candidate in cultural musicology at the University of California Santa Cruz where she focuses on experimental, electronic, […]

  • KISS2018: Altered States

    A global community of sound designers & musicians meet to explore ways in which sound, music, and technology can alter state… Sound […]

  • Tactile Utterances

    Composer/sonologist Roland Kuit encountered the paintings of Tomas Rajlich in 1992. ‘Fundamental Painting’, a minimalist strategy that […]

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