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How to verify a KymaConnect installer

Delora Software
The PDF in this ZIP file contains important information about how to confirm, before you install, that a KymaConnect installer is  Read More

Static PitchShift TimeStretch

Alan Jackson
Similar to the KkPitchShiftTimeStretch, this is a granular pitch shifter and time stretcher that works with static files (and MemoryWriter  Read More

Kyma Kata PitchShiftTimeStretch

Alan Jackson
A live stereo, pitch shifting time stretching and time squeezing effect. The Sound uses a memory buffer to stretch into and  Read More

New on the Kyma 7 Forum

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 Help

    KymaConnect shows in its EXT MIDI popup menus CoreMidi MIDI interfaces and devices that are connected to, and recognized by your Mac. If you are not seeing your devices, for […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 Help

    I’ve installed KymaConnect 2 and it’s showing the Pacarana, but there are no MIDI ports showing up in any of the Ext. MIDI dropboxes so I can’t connect it. I’ve enabled […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    KymaConnect 2.0.0 has been release. Please see KymaConnect 2 is now available for details. Questions, comments, suggestions, and bug reports for the production version should be […]

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