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Cristian Vogel
Example in response to question 4248 NELSpiralDelayPanner Encapsulation replicates delays and pan positions internally. Capsule by Cristian Vogel 2019 - Delay Maximum delay time  Read More
Notes :

DoubleWireFeedback Input and Output

Cristian Vogel
Convenience class wrapping a pair of feedback Inputs and Outputs. Connections are automatically renamed to ?Connection _1 and ?Connection _2 Wrapped  Read More

Kyma Drums: 7 Synthesised Electronic Percussion Sounds.

Kyma Drums: 7 Synthesised Electronic Percussion Sounds. Kick, Snare, Hats, Clap, Woodblock, Cowbell, and Shaker. Here is a video   Read More
Notes : Introduced at KISS 2018

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  • Reply To: The Kyma Kata Continues…

    Hey Alan, if you’re doing 8-10pm GMT (noon-2pm PST for me) then i’d really like to give this a try! I’ll sign up for it through the form as well— generally […]

  • The Kyma Kata Continues…

    The kyma kata is a weekly, on-line, peer learning group. We get together for two hours once a week (usually a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening 8pm – 10pm UK time), share […]

  • Reply To: Ultrasonic Samples in Kyma

    I’d be very interested in experimenting with playback through Kyma if you want to upload any samples – but the I/O I’m using for my paca is only a focusrite […]

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  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorial D: Spectral Concepts, Part 2.

    This is a continuation of Tutorial D, Part 1. In this tutorial, we explore live spectral analysis/resynthesis and spectral modification. We continue using the same Kyma […]

  • Control Signals at Audio Rate

    This article addresses control signals at audio rate in the context of a working installation, Selector. Selector is an audio-visual installation that syncs audio changes […]

  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorials D: Spectral Concepts, Part 1

    In this tutorial, we explore spectral analysis and resynthesis. Before beginning this tutorial, please download the Kyma Tutorial Sound file that contains the Sounds discussed […]

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  • Ghosts in the Uncanny Valley

    Composer/saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar will be at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music on Monday, February 4th, 2019 to perform his work, […]

  • Interview with Madison Heying

    Madison Heying is a PhD candidate in cultural musicology at the University of California Santa Cruz where she focuses on experimental, electronic, […]

  • KISS2018: Altered States

    A global community of sound designers & musicians meet to explore ways in which sound, music, and technology can alter state… Sound […]

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