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Bit Crusher and Sample Rate Reduction

A simple encapsulation of a bitcrusher and sample rate reduction. Setup for Pacarana as has 32 bits.

Pen & Finger controls tester

Roland Kuit
Wacom Pen and Finger controls tester

50 CLAVIA G2 Glitch 'nd Cuts - Roland Kuit

Roland Kuit
This Clavia G2 recorded sound bank (2012) is still actual for today's music. I hope you enjoy these samples for your…

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    A global community of sound designers & musicians meet to explore ways in which sound, music, and technology can alter state… Sound […]

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    Composer/sonologist Roland Kuit encountered the paintings of Tomas Rajlich in 1992. ‘Fundamental Painting’, a minimalist strategy that […]

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    In the 1700s, Neapolitan philosopher, Giannbattista Vico argued that students “should be taught the totality of the sciences and arts, and […]

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