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Static PitchShift TimeStretch

Alan Jackson
Similar to the KkPitchShiftTimeStretch, this is a granular pitch shifter and time stretcher that works with static files (and MemoryWriter  Read More

Kyma Kata PitchShiftTimeStretch

Alan Jackson
A live stereo, pitch shifting time stretching and time squeezing effect. The Sound uses a memory buffer to stretch into and  Read More

The Imagination Machine

Alan Jackson
The KkImaginationMachine Sound. This is a Sound we started working on in the Kata in 2019. What is the KkImaginationMachine? That  Read More

New on the Kyma 7 Forum

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2.0 BETA

    Yes, sadly the Morph’s MPE mode is not compatible with Kyma without a fiddly work around that currently requires you to have another MPE control that Kyma supports. This is […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2.0 BETA

    Nevermind, I was wrong. I was using the thunder overlay preset 6 which is XYZ pads and sending regular midi notes. So I guess the Morph is still a no go for MPE.

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2.0 BETA

    Yes, I definitely had the Morph working with Kyma in MPE mode at some point, but unfortunately I couldn’t say when I last had it working or how. I’m pretty sure it was earlier […]

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