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How To Verify The KymaConnect 2 BETA Installer

Delora Software
The PDF in this ZIP file contains important information about how to confirm, before you install, that the KymaConnect 2 BETA installer  Read More


Cristian Vogel
Encapsulation of SSC's FunkyTown

KymaConnect 2 (BETA)

Delora Software
BETA 3 addresses a bug that prevented connections when the Mac's Ethernet port was configured with either IP4, or IPv6  Read More

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  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    Thanks for the screen shot. Looks like a bug. I’ll see if I can reproduce it here.

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    I just noticed that sometimes my Ext.2 (To External MIDI) is not displayed correctly, but it works. Please have a look at the screen shot. Attachments:You must be logged in to […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    The IAC Sends are really still from old times, where I did a little more complex MIDI pros. Now I use much more OSC 🙂 So I could do without the single IAC bus in […]

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  • HMMPatternGenerator

    Composers and sound designers are masters of pattern generation — skilled at inventing, discovering, modifying, and combining patterns with […]

  • Student Projects MUS-507

    Excerpts of semester projects for Music 507 “Design Patterns for Sound & Music” at the University of Illinois, Spring semester […]

  • KISS2016: Emergence, Emergent Ensemble

    The Emergent Ensemble was formed not only for KISS2016, but during KISS2016. It has been assembled by Robert Jarvis, trombonist and improviser with […]

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