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  • Answered: Sample with timeindex - Capytalk in timeindex

    SampleWithTimeIndex takes an audio rate time index in order to prevent audible quantization steps in the reading of the samples. As a side benefit, it's also interesting to use […]

  • Answer selected: Visible Script Information

    This is a bit of a wild guess but could you add something like this after the script (ie on a new line after the final "]."):   self controller: !Progress setTo: 1 atTime: […]

  • Answered: Timeline WaitUntil

    This is a lesson for all!I was using KymaControl for the WaitUntil with my iPad while I was building the Timeline and then I wanted to switch to using a pedal that would, through […]

Recent Community Library Uploads

KISS2019 Ambisonic Workshop

Allen Wu
This is the material from KISS2019 Ambisonic Workshop.  Please start with the Powerpoint and Kyma Notebook.  And please don't hesitate  Read More

Expression Toolkit

Jon Bellona
Expression Toolkit is a digital music composition toolkit. The toolkit includes data modification prototypes, objects and functions, control paradigms, and  Read More

Modal Atonal Microtonal StepSequencer Idea

Will Klingenmeier
A 16 step sequencer with 7 greek modes, some atonal and some microtonal capabilities. It's more of a starting point  Read More
Notes : I made a YouTube video tutorial of the making of this sound. It's rather laborious to type all these expressions and/or copy paste so here's the sound itself.

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  • Reply To: Duffings Equation

    More Synthesis fun!   […]

  • Medley & The Yellowphonic Ensemble

    Hello there guys and gals, just a shameless plug for an album I’ve just released. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature Kyma. I’m hoping to progress my skills with […]

  • Reply To: use controller to step through presets

    Thank you Carla!  It turns out that setting it to “disabled” disables it.  Who woulda thunk it???? 🙂 BTW, I thought a cool upgrade to Timeline would […]

New on the Kyma Vimeo Channel

  • HMMPatternGenerator

    Composers and sound designers are masters of pattern generation — skilled at inventing, discovering, modifying, and combining patterns with […]

  • Student Projects MUS-507

    Excerpts of semester projects for Music 507 “Design Patterns for Sound & Music” at the University of Illinois, Spring semester […]

  • KISS2016: Emergence, Emergent Ensemble

    The Emergent Ensemble was formed not only for KISS2016, but during KISS2016. It has been assembled by Robert Jarvis, trombonist and improviser with […]

New Insights

  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorial D: Spectral Concepts, Part 2.

    This is a continuation of Tutorial D, Part 1. In this tutorial, we explore live spectral analysis/resynthesis and spectral modification. We continue using the same Kyma […]

  • Control Signals at Audio Rate

    This article addresses control signals at audio rate in the context of a working installation, Selector. Selector is an audio-visual installation that syncs audio changes […]

  • Bart’s Kyma Tutorials D: Spectral Concepts, Part 1

    In this tutorial, we explore spectral analysis and resynthesis. Before beginning this tutorial, please download the Kyma Tutorial Sound file that contains the Sounds discussed […]

Latest Eighth Nerve News

  • New Pattern Generator for Kyma 7.25

    Generate sequences based on the patterns discovered in your MIDI files Symbolic Sound today released a new module that generates endlessly evolving […]

  • KISS2019: Resonance 공명

    Sound designers, electronic/computer musicians and researchers are invited to join us in Busan South Korea 29 August through 1 September 2019 for the […]

  • Ghosts in the Uncanny Valley

    Composer/saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar will be at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music on Monday, February 4th, 2019 to perform his work, […]

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