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SROscillatorTimeIndex & SRMultiCycleWavetableWithTimeIndex

This upload contains two sounds, designed to work well together. The first is a simple upgrade to Kyma's OscillatorTimeIndex, adding  Read More


Alan Jackson
This is a mix between the MemoryWriter and the new amazing MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex. I was thinking of calling this MemoryWriterWithTimeIndexAndStreamingRecord... but... From  Read More


Cristian Vogel
Function generator with SR params through out . SSC original This encapsulation by Cristian Vogel v1.0b1  Read More

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  • Reply To: Zona Non Videre

    OK copy.  I wasn’t sure about the oddly named files.  Didn’t know if these were generated temporary files and could be deleted without harm.  Just doing some hard drive […]

  • Reply To: Zona Non Videre

    Hi John, The folder contains files that are required in order for Kyma to function properly, so we do not recommend deleting them(!)

  • Zona Non Videre

    I just noticed a folder in my Kyma 7 folder called Zona Non Videre.  Inside this folder are a bunch of files with long names, like 1qvHDU…  Can I delete these files?  Some […]

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