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Alan Jackson
This is a mix between the MemoryWriter and the new amazing MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex. I was thinking of calling this MemoryWriterWithTimeIndexAndStreamingRecord... but... From  Read More


Cristian Vogel
Function generator with SR params through out . SSC original This encapsulation by Cristian Vogel v1.0b1  Read More


Cristian Vogel
Discussion at   This is an encapsulation of PJs AP for experimentation, its stereo or mono  Read More

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  • Smalltalk example to shuffle an OrderedCollection with a Seed

    I found out the built in Kyma ‘anOrderedCollection shuffle’  was not seedable, so I came up with this block closure that does it.   | panPositions shuffler | panPositions := […]

  • Kyma 7.39

    We’re happy to announce the Kyma 7.39 Software Update, including: • New Sounds! MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex, EdgeDetector, SetReset • New examples including: AD Envelope, […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 Help

    KymaConnect shows in its EXT MIDI popup menus CoreMidi MIDI interfaces and devices that are connected to, and recognized by your Mac. If you are not seeing your devices, for […]

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