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SROscillatorTimeIndex & SRMultiCycleWavetableWithTimeIndex

This upload contains two sounds, designed to work well together. The first is a simple upgrade to Kyma's OscillatorTimeIndex, adding  Read More


Alan Jackson
This is a mix between the MemoryWriter and the new amazing MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex. I was thinking of calling this MemoryWriterWithTimeIndexAndStreamingRecord... but... From  Read More


Cristian Vogel
Function generator with SR params through out . SSC original This encapsulation by Cristian Vogel v1.0b1  Read More

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  • Reply To: Python – Kyma socket talk

    Thanks SSC, am slowly getting it to work. Tom – this is the next stage of my embodied robot project ( — music improv […]

  • Reply To: Python – Kyma socket talk

    Hey Craig,   If you have the time to discuss here (and don’t mind) I’d love to know how you’re using Python with Kyma. thanks, Tom

  • Reply To: Python – Kyma socket talk

    Hi Craig, Your best bet would be Open Sound Control (OSC). Here’s some documentation on the bi-directional protocol. Let us know if you run into any questions. Curious to hear […]

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    Marco Lopez talks about how sound supports the story in “A Class Apart” Sound helps create a miasma of privilege, power and tension for a drama […]

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