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Quad-Graphical Envelope

Domenico Cipriani
Tool with 4 graphical ADSR envelopes which modify the desired EventValues in real time. Maximum Value of the Attack/Delay/Release stages  Read More

WireFrames Library

Cristian Vogel
The NeverEngineLabs WireFrames library for signal computing in Kyma, is currently available for FREE or Pay What You Like. WireFrames is  Read More

AudioLogic V2

Alan Jackson
The SECOND installement of my AudioLogic library - Logical Comparison. Big thanks to Ben Phenix! for being my first Patreon supporter  Read More

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  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    If KymaConnect is not seeing MIDI activity there is more than likely none. Best to verify though with MIDI Monitor. Does the control have a power switch so you can turn it off and […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    ah, no, that’s not the situation (which is why I didn’t understand the question, I suppose!). Starting KymaConnect after keyboard booted did not work, still needed to reboot […]

  • Reply To: KymaConnect 2 BETA Support

    I do have the Akai and Akai Port 3 in two External inputs. Not sure what Akai Port 3 is, but figured I’d connect it and find out. That is not what I meant by multiple entries. I […]

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