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  • Answered: Write Standard MIDI File from a Tool

    You could pretty easily write a Tool to output events to a text file (something like CSV or TSV or other format), and then use one of the CSV-to-MIDI converters to create a MIDI […]

  • Commented: Switch between VCS Layouts from iPad Kyma Control.

    If you open this file: '/Kyma/Multigrids/Example multigrid.mgd' And press the green Play button at the top of the Multigrid window, you should see the multigrid on the Grid tab of […]

  • Answer selected: Kyma Control

    The Mac M1 requirement only relates to if you want to run the actual Kyma Control app on a Mac instead of on an iPad. Apple Silicon Macs can run some apps that formerly could only […]

Recent Community Library Uploads

NetVerb-8: (another) FDN Reverb

Johannes Regnier
Another reverb. A classic FDN with added modulation. 8-delay Feedback Delay Network. 4 outputs (easily modifiable to 8 outputs).  Read More

8-Voice Karplus-Strong Chord Generator

Johannes Regnier
Extension of the wonderful Mike Daliot's Resochord, from his Metaphysical Instrument. 8 Karplus-Strong Resonators in parallel. Patch + encapsulated class ready to  Read More

KkUSG - (Universal Slope Generator)

Alan Jackson
This Sound is a slope generator inspired by the Serge Universal Slope Generator. You can control the attack and decay times  Read More
Notes : Demo recording by Ian.

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  • Reply To: Capytalk ‘nil’

    This last variation is the best. 🙂

  • Reply To: Capytalk ‘nil’

    Ah, maybe you could simplify that a little by not popping the value off the stack when assigning it to the EventVariable like: | ev | ev := EventVariable new initialValue: 0. […]

  • Reply To: Capytalk ‘nil’

    Yikes. I’ve used the false: nil  expression a lot in the past kind of assuming it meant “if false don’t do anything”, but now I come to think about it the expression has […]

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