Complex Oscillator

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    • Author: Ben Phenix
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    • Version: 0.1
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    • Updated: 16 January 2017
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    3-operator FM synth with a focus on different but related ways to create varying timbres.


    • primary & modulation oscillators have continuous waveform shaping
    • primary oscillator amplitude modulation (modulated by the B oscillator)
    • modulation B can be mixed with noise
    • modulation B can be filtered, filter frequency set based on ratio & offset settings.  Useful for filtering noise which FMs primary.
    • output (pre filter & vca) can be feedback to FM ModB oscillator. Includes selectable filter option to tame FM behavior.
    • 2 LFOs with selectable waveforms
    • amp envelope
    • env A:  exp
    • env B: lin
    • env C: lin w/legato
    • multiple cross-modulation points
    • voice detune width (detunes each voice from each other)

    Notes / future

    • paca users may need to lower the voice count
    • no presets
    • meant to add a per voice pan control
    • waveform shape modulation may be interesting
    • voice detune is tricky and most will find narrowing the min/max range more to their liking


    uses standard waveforms from the Kyma default library.

    v 0.1 - initial releas

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