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    KymaConnect 2 is no longer available to purchase. It is at "end of life", so there will not be any future updates.


    For a decade, KymaConnect 1 has expanded, simplified, and reduced the cost of Kyma setups on-stage and in the studio. KymaConnect 2 builds on this legacy with new features plus support for macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), and 11 (Big Sur), including native operation on either Intel-based or Apple Silicon-based Macs. KymaConnect 2 is a free upgrade for current KymaConnect licensees.

    KymaConnect 2’s integrated networking and MIDI functions work in concert to reduce or eliminate additional MIDI interfaces and networking hardware. Paca(rana) owners can obtain full MIDI connectivity between their Mac and the sound engine without additional MIDI interfaces. The built-in MIDI patchbay and router support up to eight external MIDI devices, and provide virtual MIDI ports to simplify MIDI exchange between the Paca(rana) and a DAW or other application.

    Networking setups to accommodate Wi-Fi based OSC controllers have less components and cables. KymaConnect 2’s “PacaProxy” “bridges” clients on one network to the Paca(rana) on another, with full bi-directional OSC support. Enjoy the benefits of tablet and smart phone apps like Symbolic Sound’s Kyma Control, Lemur, and TouchOSC without the complexity of additional network routers or Wi-Fi access points. A single CAT-5 Ethernet cable between the Mac and Paca(rana) is all that is needed for MIDI, OSC, and Kyma 7+. More advanced set ups are possible when the Mac and Paca(rana) are connected over a local network, even if the Mac and Paca(rana) are in different rooms! Whether on stage or in the studio, KymaConnect makes a Kyma system simpler, less expensive, and more reliable.

    KymaConnect 2’s “virtual MIDI patch bay” provides an always available connection between up to eight (four more than KymaConnect 1) MIDI devices and the Paca(rana). With KymaConnect 2, the Paca(rana) can be controlled from an external MIDI keyboard or other controller without running a sequencer or other software. It also provides a handy “virtual MIDI port” that software music applications may use to send and receive MIDI from the Paca(rana). KymaConnect 2 also has advanced MIDI channel mapping capabilities. The channel can be specified for each source to destination, and altered in an easy-to-use routing table. Channel mapping can be used to “mute” (disable) certain channels, or relocate one channel to another.

    What’s new in KymaConnect 2?

    • macOS 10.14 “Mojave”, macOS 10.15 “Catalina”, and macOS 16.0 “Big Sur” support.
    • 64-bit operation; 32-bit operation is not supported.
    • macOS “Universal” application that runs natively on Macs using either Intel or Apple Silicon processors.
    • Four additional external MIDI device slots, bringing the total number to eight.
    • Enhanced MIDI routing, including selectable routing between external MIDI devices on a device by device basis.
    • Additional MIDI command filtering options.
    • A new virtual MIDI port, Haken2Kyma, for dedicated use with the Haken Audio’s Haken Editor.
    • Support for IPv6 direct-to-Pacarana connections, and IPv6 local networks. This will reduce initial connection time in some situations.

    KymaConnect 2 replaces the now discontinued KymaConnect 1. It is available for $39.95(USD); KymaConnect 2 is a free upgrade for current KymaConnect licensees. KymaConnect 2 requires at least macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). See the KymaConnect 2 for details how to purchase or upgrade. There is also information for users wishing to use KymaConnect 1 because they must use macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or older.

    KymaConnect can be purchased from the Delora website, for $39.95 USD.


    • Mac running macOS 10.14.6 through macOS 11, including native operation on Apple Silicon Macs
    • Symbolic Sound Kyma 7, Kyma 7+ or Kyma 7+ Universal, plus Paca or Pacarana sound design engine running most recent Kyma software and firmware
    • A network connection between your Mac and Paca(rana); PacaProxy requires the Mac's built-in Airport or other second network interface
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