Elegant Sample Granulator

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  • An example of how elegant Kyma can be (inspired by one of the slides in Charlie Norton's talk at KISS2016).

    This simple effect will continually granulate any sample using a simple function shared between its parameters.

    See the source to study how I did it.

    www.neverenginelabs.com Sound Design for Kyma 7

    Designed by Cristian Vogel.

    Run Any positive value here will reset and run the sample from the top until the granulation point and also reset/run the granulator. Should be a Toggle in the VCS or some kind of sustained value.

    MaxGrains Amount of replications. 4 is already quite dense!

    Seperation A positive value which defines a seperation paramater, adding more and more difference to the voices.

    StartPoint if 0 is the start of the sample and 1 is the end, this is the point in the sample where the granulating random walk will begin.

    Scale The overall level of the output

    Seed A value between 0 and 1 which defines the pseudo random generator for this instance.

    Sample Any sample filename. Stereo is best!

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