Farkash double bass samples

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  • In this part of the year, a little gift is in order …

    samples of fretted double bass, called "Farkash" (after it's builder/inventor) only two strings (metal) , G&D, but in octaves like very big double six guitar, if you will

    there are some photographs from the recording session, so you can see how it looks … on web, one can find some information (pictures, and history) about it , but not the sound

    recorded in professional studio played by professional player  (http://www.lado.hr/en/members-of-the-ensemble/orchestra/mladen-trcak/)


    up to 5 rr per note, chromatically sampled, 3 dynamics played with fingers and 2 dynamics played with plectrum (special for that instrument, made from 2 layers of leather)

    3 mics, each set to a different position: Km 84 Finger Board Km 184 Strings U 87 Hole

    3 files: (Fingers.zip 1.31 GB, Plectrum 866.7 MB, Pictures 11.5 MB)

    needs editing! notes (each mic, string, dynamics) are in one file, so one should do some cutting to use it in SamplePlayer

    I have the copyright for the samples

    please, do not share them outside of Kyma community

    I wish you all happy and successful New Year!!!!


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