Signal Routing Matrix example

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  • While playing around with mic inputs and live sounds I found I wanted to keep trying different routings of my signals. What would it be like if I routed the mic through the reverb before the cross filter? Is it better after? Etc.

    So I made this routing matrix inspired by the plug-board patching matrices on some old synths like the EMS.

    Anything with an output can be routed to anything with an input. Consequently the sound is crisscrossed with connections like a plate of angular spaghetti and there's a lot of  MemoryWriters to allow patching of outputs into sounds which occur earlier in the kyma flow diagram.

    There may be a much better / easier way of doing this - let me know if there is!

    Update: I've added a second version of the sound where you can set the signal levels at each point in the matrix.

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