SROscillatorTimeIndex & SRMultiCycleWavetableWithTimeIndex

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  • This upload contains two sounds, designed to work well together. The first is a simple upgrade to Kyma's OscillatorTimeIndex, adding sample-rate sync to its existing sample-rate frequency and phase modulation parameters.

    The second sound can be used to address multi-cycle wavetable files (with waveforms of any consistent duration, not just 4096 samples), and morph between successive waveforms and across the wavetable at sample rate. For additional madness, the waveform length can be modified while the sound is running.

    Sound by Ian Fenton with help from Alan Jackson (whose prototypes are used extensively within) and Andreas Frostholm. Initial inspiration came from NEL ROM Tools along with the Kyma Kata's inexhaustible drive to make everything work at sample rate.

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