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  • This sound flips or folds values that exceed the -1 to 1 range.  This is conceptually similar to AddWrap except that values greater than the -1 to 1 range 'reflect' or fold back down.

    To create a wrapping mixer add sounds and attenuate each sound by the total number of inputs. For example, 1/# of inputs.  Then set the minimum flip value to the number of inputs.  There is an example of this approach included.

    This sound works by reducing the internal resolution and using the ‘overflow’ bits to wrap down.  This results in the primary audio channel resolution to be 24-bits.  It also limits the maximum number of folds to 255 (8-bits).


    Mix modulation signals and rather than having them clip, they wrap back.  One example would be a pan signal that reflects back when it hits the maximum L or R value rather than clip (or wrap back using the AddWrap).

    Add harmonics to a sound either to an oscillator or to complex sounds.  This can get harsh quickly so consider filtering, additional wave shaping, or a mix with the original signal.

    Collaborators:  Pete Johnston, Alan Jackson, Ben Phenix.


    There are two version. The replicator was the initial attempt while second approach is cleaner and used within the encapsulation.

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