If you purchase a previously owned Paca or Pacarana from a third party, you can transfer the registration over to your name, entitling you to telephone, email, and Internet support. Transferring the registration is free and it means you’ll be kept up to date on the availability of new revisions and releases.

Only original owners (people who purchase Kyma directly from Symbolic Sound) are eligible for discounts and special promotions on future hardware and software upgrades.

Transfers of the Kyma software license

The license for the specific version of the Kyma software that originally came with the Paca(rana) can be transferred to a new owner. That version of the software and minor updates to that version will be made available for download after the hardware/software registration has been transferred to the new owner.

The license for major version upgrades (for example, from Kyma X to Kyma 7) is not transferable unless that upgrade was purchased from Symbolic Sound.

If you purchase a used Paca or Pacarana…

If you decide to purchase a used Paca or Pacarana, we will support you and welcome you into the Kyma community! Please visit the order page, scroll down to Support for Older Systems and fill out the registration transfer form; then scroll down to Shipping Address and fill in your address; then open the Review and Place Order section and follow the instructions to complete the registration transfer. There is no charge for a license transfer.