The Kyma OSC implementation permits two-way communication between a program running on a computer and a Paca(rana) connected by Ethernet to the same network.

In the video below, we demonstrate a subset of the OSC implementation via two command line programs:

If you would like to use these tools for exploring Kyma’s two-way OSC implementation, follow these steps to build the command line programs:

  1. Download the Xcode project archive
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. On the Mac, open the Xcode project and choose Build from the Product menu
  4. On Windows (using cygwin) or Linux, evaluate the following at the command line:
      cd berkeley-libs
      cd libOSC
      cd ../sendOSC
      cd ../dumpOSC

The project includes the Sound used in the video along with notes about how to use the programs and transcripts of the command line sessions for each program. The code in this project should be used for debugging and demonstration purposes and not be used as a model for developing OSC software.