iPad, Continuum, LinnStrument, Wacom tablet, Wii, MANTA, EigenHarp, Sound Plane, and more

For additional examples of live Kyma performances with unusual controllers, see the Kyma International Sound Symposium concert videos.

  • Squeaky: An inexpensive violin and a rusty player supplied the four original tones. After Tau analysis, they were played realistically out of tune on the Continuum.
  • Slide Kalimba: In this example, Edmund Eagan started with just two Kalimba notes, both the same pitch, one soft and one loud. He used the Tau formant-shifting to make that one frequency playable over a wide pitch range on his Continuum fingerboard. Here is another example, again played by Edmund Eagan: Tau Kalimba.
  • SlipStick Synthesis in Kyma: Sound synthesized using a physical model of friction (Continuum fingerboard controlling Kyma slipstick synthesis on Pacarana hardware)
  • Tuva2: Edmund Eagan performing slipstick synthesis as input to modal filters tuned to vocal formants on the Continuum fingerboard
  • Edmund Eagan performs SprongZip on the Continuum Fingerboard