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    Andrew Bird

    I have a sci fi score incoming and am planning to create a dense slithery pad of granulated, glissando tones.  I plan for it to be around 32not poly, each note, gliding in and out of pitch, disassembling then reassembling without tempo.  Kyma seems the perfect choice (or reaktor).  Don’t be surprised if the words, “Mutated Root Nodules” come up in this scene…

    I had a great explore with Kyma tonight and found that I get the “Out of Realtime” error fairly quickly.  The processors peak, the audio interface disappears from status and turns to Silent Device.   Does this mean that I have reached the limits of Paca processing power?

    Or are there some tricks I need to learn to be far more economical
    I’ll upload a sound when I have worked a little further but here’s the plan so far (which panics my little Paca!):

    Osc1- Filter- Midivoice (16notepoly)-Reverb- GranularReverb- MIXER – Out.
    Osc2-Chopper-Filter-Midivoice (16notepoly)-MIXER – Out.

    Happy Hunting all!

    Andrew Bird

    I am swimming deeply through the “tips for squeezing more” pages but I look forward to more epic advice as this idea is just the start!

    …Super excited about Mutated Root Nodules.


    I’d need to see your Sound in detail but I guess the 16 notes poly is the problem. Remember when doing polyphony using a MidiVoice the whole signal flow to its left gets replicated by the number of voices. That said, in your setup you are having 32 Oscillators, 32 Filters and 16 Choppers running at the same time. Still, that doesn’t sound like something the Paca shouldn’t be able to handle.

    I think it’s best to post your Sound here so we can have a look, otherwise it’s like a doctor making a diagnosis via telephone 🙂

    Andrew Bird

    Hi Kymaguy!   I’m a fan of your soundcloud, in fact “Atmodynamics” is approaching the idea i’m going for.
    I am looking forward to uploading the sound so everyone can pry it open for a good scootch around inside! I’ll work on it a little more first pver the weekend and see what I can do but I agree, I think the Paca should be able to handle this beautifully over other tools; Kyma is so ‘liquid’ and pliable.

    It’s important that the filters and choppers run separately on each voice, which i’ll eventually doppler pan as if each voice is shooting around our head and dissolving into the air.  There was a sound like this at the end of PS3 game, Beyond Two Souls (which I suspect was actually Kyma- citation needed!).



    What are mutated root nodules?

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