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    Riccardo Mazza

      Hello from Italy,

      I Own either a Capybara 320 and a PacaRana I recently purchased. I was testing the internal headroom digital resolution between the 2 systems. A simple test creating a oscillator -> gain (x 1000) -> oscilloscope display (It clips ) -> attenuator – > second Oscilloscope Display. In Capybara 320 clipping the first internal stage and than reducing the output stage it still display a clipped (squared) sine wave and it is normal since the internal DSP routing is supposed to be at 24 bit (the same of the D/A). Reproducing the same test test on PacaRana I expected  to see the original unclipped sine signal after attenuating the out stage since it should calculate at 32 bit with enough headroom to return the original calculation at 24 bit DA. But perfuming the same test also PacaRana clips at the first stage not recovering the original data. The same test on other 32 bit platforms either DSP or CPU based it recovers the original signal (PT HDX, Max, SupeCollider) Maybe I am missing something, it’s just to know so that I keep an eye on gain staging when patching. I attach a screenshot. Riccardo

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        On the Pacarana, the minimum resolution is 32-bit but most algorithms use 64-bits (or more) for internal calculations.

        In Kyma, the range of signals is [-1,1] so when the Oscillator has an amplitude of 1, it is already at the maximum amplitude without clipping. We use the full amplitude range (the full word) so there is no “headroom” added behind the scenes.

        If you would like to have headroom, attenuate your sources in order to leave whatever amount of headroom you would like.

        Riccardo Mazza

          Perfect!! That makes sense, it was just to know, so that I will keep gain staging into the displayed range also on intermediating prototypes patching. It is also a clarification the came from some of my students that asked about it, since other systems use the final bit res of the DA as unit reference on display, while keeping higher internal calculation (and that’s explains why you may recover the original unclipped signal scaling the final master sum). Thanks very much. And by the way in pro studios, Kyma  sounds amazing like nothing else!!

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