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    We’re happy to announce the Kyma 7.39 Software Update, including:
    • New Sounds! MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex, EdgeDetector, SetReset
    • New examples including: AD Envelope, Strange time stretching, and more…
    • New Capytalk exclusive OR operator: !EV1 >< !EV2
    • Virtual Control Surface: scroll wheel-increment/decrement in numeric fields & option to change background of each layout independently
    • Notebooks: Easier to select, open, and play Sounds
    • Sound editor: signal flow shifts left instead of closing when you insert a module
    • Samples 3rd Party: a new collection of samples shared by Geoff Hood
    along with numerous bug fixes, optimizations, examples, and speed ups.
    Free to Kyma 7+ and 7++ users; check the Help menu for software updates.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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