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    Gregory Winer

    Hi there –

    I am following the Kyma 7 tutorial “Creating a Wavetable”.

    At the step where I am to create a playback instrument, I don’t have the “KBD 4 Antialiased Oscillator” instrument show up when I open the gallery.  I do see that it’s available as a primitive, but I’m wondering why I dont see it in the Gallery when I search in the same way as the tutorial.  Am I missing some base pack of instruments, or maybe I have my scope of search set incorrectly?  I do see other KBD instruments, like Grain and Wavetable, but not the antialiased oscillator.  Thanks in advance for some tips.


    Hi Gregory,

    Are you creating a wavetable that is 4096 samples long? (Where is the tutorial you are following? Maybe I can try to follow those same steps to see what’s going wrong).

    By the way, you are definitely not missing any instruments — if you see Antialiased Oscillator in the Prototypes, the module is definitely available in your system.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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