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      From Simon Smith, founder of the UK Kyma Users Group:

      Dear All,

      I am delighted to announce the second meeting of the UK Kyma Users group. This will take place at the University of West London, Ealing on the Saturday 20th of February 10:30 am- 4:30pm. Featuring a morphing masterclass by the one and only morphing maestro Pete Johnston.

      Kyma User and lecturer at UWL Charlie Norton has generously agreed to host the event at the University music studios. The day will consist of a Masterclass/Workshop in the morning then after lunch (not provided) we can mingle brainstorm and share tips and hints. Also this will be an ideal opportunity to talk to the organisers of this years Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS).

      For the workshop please bring your own Kyma system with headphones, as well as some sound files you wish to morph.

      Attendance is flexible but if you could just drop me an email two days before the event so we have an idea of numbers.

      If anyone has some recommendations for communal eating in Ealing please let me know.

      All the best

      Simon Smith


        UK Kyma Users: Save the Date! Saturday 3rd of December. 

        Harnessing the momentum of KISS, we have interest in a Saturday Event at LCM @ UWL on the first Saturday of December.

        Date and room to be confirmed shortly…

        Not in the UK? Come on a Christmas shopping trip, take advantage of the weak pound!



        Simon Smith

          Nice one Charlie. It is in the Diary.  Let me know if you need anything from me. Best.Simon Smith


          Alan Jackson

            Fantastic! I’m planning to be there.



              I officially declare Shenanigans:

              Please find below confirmation of your room booking request:
              Date: Saturday 03-12-2016
              Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
              Room: BY.01.007- Teaching Studio (Pacarana, RS8000 modular, PMC Surround Sound)
              For: KYMA DAY


              Proposed Schedule:
              9:15~: Early Bird Caffeine Mission @ Munsons
              10:00 : Welcome to Kyma at LCM:  Charlie.
              10.15 : Getting Started in Kyma with limited time.  Charlie
              11:00 : Coffee + Cake @ Munsons
              11:30 : Guest Speaker 1
              12:45 : Lunch @ same French cafe?
              1:45 : Guest Speaker 2
              3:00 : Kyma Workshop + BYCOP (BringYourCapyOrPaca) We will have at least two in the room already…
              5:00 : (not entirely convinced the building will be open all the way to 6pm) Pub!

              7:00 :  Wood fired Pizza (for those who don’t want the party to end)

              The Rub: Whilst we neatly slipped between the cracks last time, I will need to open this event up to our students, and as I would really like to book some guest speakers, hopefully offering some form of expenses: we may have to make this a paying event. I would try to sculpt at least some tea/coffee into the deal if that was the case.  It will be a nominal contribution hopefully.
              Guest Speakers: Christian, Gustav, Pete, Malcom, Roland, Knut, ALL of you KISS presenters, indeed if any of the Kyma community have an idea for an interesting presentation do get in touch.
              As I got so much out of the previous event, and of course KISS 2016, I can’t see how this won’t be really good fun.

              Onwards and Upwards
              Charlie Norton


                Official title of this event: Nerd Out and Fry Up. 

                Just to clarify further to a recent conversation: “UK Kyma Users”

                Kyma Users = People who own, abuse, and lust after,  or have just a vague notional idea of Kyma (and indeed conscripts and press ganged attendance),

                UK = People who happen to be in the UK on the day in question.

                These events are open to all and sundry. Get in touch!


                Simon Smith

                  I am in!!

                  Simon Smith

                    Are we still on for the 3rd of December?






                      Hey Simon,

                      We are still on! Still working on the agenda, suggestions welcome.  I don’t have funding for this event, but I am working on something for the new year. I was once involved with a rapid composing project, we could perhaps aim to create some art rather than just procrastinate?

                      I keep meaning to spend some time exploring multichannel in Kyma.

                      Perhaps we could create a wormhole? Fun!

                      Simon Smith

                        I am in. It would be good to see if anyone has any wormhole challenges!!

                        Rapid art now there is a challenge!!

                        I had best come prepared.

                        Have you sent an email to the UK Users group as not everyone checks here regularly?




                          UK Kyma Day: Saturday 3rd of December 2016

                          London College of Music @ University of West London, Ealing W5 5RF

                          10am till 4pm (ish)

                          A) Charlie & Sanjay perform an interactive sonic experiment. Shakespeare audio processed, resynthesized and repurposed. MultiGrids in Kyma controlled by XY touchscreen data by custom data processing server via OSC. BYOWB (Bring Your Own Web Browser)

                          B) Kyma 7 and all the updates. What does it all mean?

                          C) The Noob Quickstart Guide. Quick ways to solve musical problems with Kyma.

                          D) NeverEngine Labs Wavegarden Tool.  An introduction by Charlie, experiments by the congregation.

                          E) The Rapid Compositional Challenge Bring a Kyma sound or some raw audio. Contribute a concept or data, audio to be uploaded to Kyma Users Soundcloud when we are finished.

                          Open to everyone interested.

                          email my name with a dot in the middle at uwl.ac.uk


                            I would just like to say a massive thanks to everyone for trekking to Ealing for Kyma Day! It was so great to see so many friendly faces again and just as fantastic to welcome new people into the mix.  I have at least one apology to make as I had not spotted one return email stuck in my outbox to an interested party until very late last night.

                            I do hope you all had fun and got something out of it because I really enjoyed myself!

                            Do we think we should harness momentum and book ourselves one or two dates in advance? If we plotted an events for:

                            • Mid February: Book two surround rooms, run simultaneous experiments? Less talking/waffling from me;  more patching/programming/making sounds for you.
                            • After Easter: NeverEngineLabs Special? Two day immersive brain re-wire. Would need to be ticketed.
                            • Early/Mid Summer: Pre KISS Warm up, practice run, tests, and generally make ready?

                            Just ideas, but would be great to make 2017 : ‘The year of the sound‘.

                            Thanks again to all the participants, especially those who got very early to make it!!


                            Simon Smith

                              Thanks again Charlie for being such a great host. All of the above sounds great. Very nice day yesterday good to see everyone looking forward to making some noise!




                              Alan Jackson

                                It was great to catch up with everyone.

                                Charlie, those ideas for the upcoming events sound great.

                                I’d be up for doing some practical collaborations, co-learning or skill swapping even more often than that, at weekends or evenings if anyone’s up for that. Charlie, you mentioned you might be up for some more smaller scale meet-ups at your excellent space. I thought I’d start a doodle to see if anyone’s interested…




                                  Any plans for a Kyma London session this year?

                                  I’m a new Kyma owner and would be great to meet a few of you.



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