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    Delora Software

    This is the KymaConnect 2 support thread. The intention is to provide help and to build up a body of knowledge about KymaConnect 2. Please post your questions, answers, and any hints or advice. If you think you have uncovered a bug, post the information here. General comments about KymaConnect 2 and suggestions are welcome!

    The Kyma Q&A on this site is also a good place to search for KymConnect information. New Q&A entries will be added from time to time as when appropriate. Please search the Q&A, and then this forum thread, before posting a new question; your question may have already been answered.

    If you are looking for help for the discontinued KymaConnect 1, please see the “KymaConnect 1 Help” thread.

    I am monitoring this thread and will try to jump in as needed in a timely manner.

    David Forman

    I’ve installed KymaConnect 2 and it’s showing the Pacarana, but there are no MIDI ports showing up in any of the Ext. MIDI dropboxes so I can’t connect it. I’ve enabled everything in the Routing tab but still nothing. I do see other virtual MIDI ports in the “MIDI in” dropdown like the Vienna Ensemble Pro virtual midi port. I also don’t see anything in the MIDI Input and Output dropdowns in Kyma except for the Silent Device.

    I should add I’m using Dante I/O for the audio. interface to Kyma. Is Kyma Connect compatible with that or only with a Firewire connection?

    Any suggestions would be great, I’ve tried everything I can think of.

    Delora Software

    KymaConnect shows in its EXT MIDI popup menus CoreMidi MIDI interfaces and devices that are connected to, and recognized by your Mac. If you are not seeing your devices, for example a USB controller, then the first thing to check is whether macOS Audio MIDI Setup is showing the missing device(s). If not then that is the place to start your troubleshooting. If it does show up in Audio MIDI Setup, and is not “grayed out”, then we will have to dig in to see why it is not shown by KymaConnect.

    Kyma’s DSP Status, and the Paca(rana)’s panel, show MIDI devices connected to the Paca(rana)’s USB or FireWire interfaces, provided those devices use standard drives that the Paca(rana) supports. Those devices are local to the Paca(rana) and not available to the Mac. Likewise MIDI devices connected to the Mac are not directly available to the Paca(rana). Kyma’s DSP Status window shows only these local, recognized MIDI devices.

    KymaConnect uses MIDI devices connected to the Mac. The MIDI from these devices is set to the Paca(rana) over the Mac-to-Paca(rana) network connection using “MIDI-Over-OSC”. MIDI from the Paca(rana) is likewise return to the Mac in the same fashion. OSC messages use the Paca(rana)’s Ethernet network connection. KymaConnect only uses the network connection. It does not use FireWire.

    Dante, Symbolic Sound’s Kyma control protocol, and OSC all use a standard IP network. So they can all peacefully coexist within normal network considerations. In my experience Kyma 7+, Dante, and KymaConnect all work well when sharing an Ethernet network.

    Kyma 7+ eliminated Kyma’s need to have a FireWire connection between the Mac and the Paca(rana) and replaced it with a network connection. KymaConnect, as mentioned, has always used the network connection. The Paca(rana) only needs a single Ethernet cable connection; Just make sure to use the “Expansion B” port.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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