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    Samuel Sacher

    I’m trying to make piano notes change into raindrops and vice-versa during a
    particularly time period

    Morph2dKeymappedSampleCloud KBD :
    Timbre 0 and 01 are piano samples
    Timbre 10 and 11 are raindrops samples
    MorphX – !MorphX (controlled through CC from external seq)
    !Frequency and !Gate=!KeyDown will be both from external seq

    but Kyma complains that all the “Drop” samples have the same pitch
    which is of course correct, since they are “noises”
    I could write pitch values in SoundHeader of each sample,
    but there is 200+ of them …
    so, is there a work around for that, or there is a better approach to this …


    In the Morph2DKeymapped modules, one of the morphing dimensions is mapped to the keyboard (that’s why Kyma doesn’t know how those unpitched samples should be mapped).  Some possible alternative approaches you could try:

    Morph1DSampleCloud with some of the piano samples and some of the rain drop samples and Frequency set to !KeyPitch.

    Morph3dSampleCloud with:

    MorphX = !KeyNumber / (<highest pitch on keyboard – lowest pitch on keyboard>)

    MorphY = !KeyVelocity

    MorphZ = !PianoToRainMorph

    Another approach might be to use a Multisample on your rain drops with each !KeyDown generating a random index into the raindrop samples, and a KeymappedMultisample on your piano samples and feed both into a Crossfade.  Or you could try combinations of KeymappedSampleCloud for the piano samples and Multisample (with random file selection) for the raindrops.

    Are you aiming for each key strike to correspond to one rain drop?  Or for a morph from discrete keys to the sound of steady rain?

    Please keep us updated on how it goes; maybe people can suggest some alternate paths.  Thanks!

    p.s. In Smirnoff Hotel, Pete Johnston morphed the piano in the bar to “rain drops”.  Is this getting close to the effect you are striving for?

    Samuel Sacher

    Thank you for the reply
    and for suggestions, I’ll try them all, see how it goes …
    well it is not real rain, but drops of water dripping into
    different buckets, bins and kitchen utensils
    all recorded, one by one, in our bathroom 🙂
    there are X piano voices,  and each voice plays in its own meter/tempo
    so, during, e.g. verse of the song, all those piano sounds should transform
    gradually into “raindrops” , and than back to piano
    each piano note should transform into one “drop”, or “drip” or “plop” …),
    depending of the voice (every voice got it’s own bucket :))
    so from polyrhythmic piano polyphony to just polyrhythmic drip-drop
    (leaking roof and under it a room full of aforementioned buckets, bins, and what not :)),
    and then back to music
    yes, it should sound as in Pete’s “Smirnoff Hotel”,
    thanx for reminding me on that one, it’s marvelous!
    So Pete, if you are reading this, help please ….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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