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    Aaron Zimmermann

    When I got my Paca, and finally wrapped my head around Kyma’s basic workflow, I started considering what I may be able to do with Kyma, that may be difficult or impossible in other “only software” frameworks like max or reaktor.

    I’m sure a lot of people fall into this mindset when they first get into Kyma…

    My work is sound design, but what got me into this world was the music. I’d love to get a discussion started about the way one could implement different types of physical modeling synthesis in kyma! Karplus-Strong is easy enough for me with an impulse and a tuned delay, but what about digital waveguide, banded waveguide, etc? what about methods I don’t even know about?

    I’d love to learn enough about all this to create a few expressive ‘instruments’—specifically a model of something like a ney — but i’m not just interested in the “best” way to do it. I’d also like to understand just how to go about modeling different instruments with the tools available in kyma and get a conversation started about this stuff in general. I’m not great with math, but can follow along with stuff like pete’s ‘wire between’ KISS talk—so if you wanna get mathy, that’s cool too.

    how do you create a digital waveguide in kyma? how would you create a banded waveguide or some sort of waveguide/delay mesh network?


    tl;dr: physical modeling synthesis discussion, but pretend we’re all explaining it to 5 year-olds 😛

    Andrew Raffo Dewar

    Harm Visser made a great “physical modeling toolkit” for Kyma X that I’ve used in the past, and that might be a good starting point….?

    Some/many of the sounds still work in Kyma 7, but some of them don’t, and I’ve not had time (nor do I have deep enough knowledge in that area, to be honest) to troubleshoot them:

    I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!

    Aaron Zimmermann

    I’ve seen his physM toolkit site, but i thought none of them worked—it’s good to know that some of them do—but it’d be nice if he lowered his price to reflect that, or update the page.

    I’d *love* to see what he’s come up with but i know nothing about his future plans with the toolkit. I’d give it a chance for $100 but for $200 i want to know what i’m getting myself into. The toolkit looks badass, and sounds incredible, but seems like the project is dead. If it isn’t, and you’re listening Mr. Visser, get on this thread and let me know 🙂

    I’m more interested in how things like banded waveguide synthesis even work, or building basic models and extrapolating the basics into something more complex!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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