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    Hi all,

    am looking to send data from Python on machine 1 across a socket to Kyma on machine 2. Looking for help.

    (Nice to be back in Kyma land)


    Hi Craig,

    Your best bet would be Open Sound Control (OSC). Here’s some documentation on the bi-directional protocol. Let us know if you run into any questions.

    Curious to hear your results!



    Tom Tolleson

    Hey Craig,


    If you have the time to discuss here (and don’t mind) I’d love to know how you’re using Python with Kyma.




    Thanks SSC, am slowly getting it to work.

    Tom – this is the next stage of my embodied robot project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LryGSo7MK74&t=3279s — music improv starts at 53′), and wanted to bring Kyma into the loop to have a more versatile (and gorgeous) sound palette.

    Python is running on the robot listening to the live sound, running a hive of neural networks, and co-creating in realtime. Once its made a decision to move it then makes a sound. So instead of simply playing samples (as it does in the video), I’m looking at sending an array of data from the hive of nets to Kyma, and for it to sculpt a sound from the whole array.

    So far, I have python-osc in the robot script running (replacing the sample triggering func) and communicating with my Kyma machine (validated using OSCulator). Just need to get it into Kyma, then will be able to share it with y’all.

    Finger’s crossed we have a KISS soon, so I can perform these as an autonomous orchestra.





    Simon Smith

    Great Stuff Craig…cant wait to find out more about this…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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