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    Samuel Sacher

    I’d like to move sample banks that I’ve made for Kontakt,
    to Kyma …
    One thing that eludes me is the proper RoundRobin script for pitched instruments.
    For percussions, I use “repeatedly Random without replacement” in Index of Multisample …
    and it’s fine, but …
    what about pitched instruments?
    How to make Kyma play the same pitch sample but from different folder of samples?
    I’ve recorded a special kind of double-bass called “Farkash”
    and have each note played&sampled up to 5 times
    so, I’ve
    made 5 folders, put samples accordingly in them
    made 5 Multisample sounds
    and used something like attached sound to trigger same pitch but different sample  – on the beat of !BPM
    Very primitive, I know!
    How do I make it better?
    So, if I want to play  … first bars of LvB 5th Symphony (:)),
    how to make Kyma chose a different sample
    (i.e. a sample with same pitch but from a different folder of samples)
    each time  the same notes are played?
    as Pete J. says,
    hope it makes sense …


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    Hi Samuel,

    The term round-robin always makes me think of modulo arithmetic — the kind of arithmetic that works on a clock that wraps around at 12.  So in your Sound, I would try the following in the Selection field:

    (!KeyDown countTriggersMod: 3) + 1

    This will give you a repeating pattern that selects your MultiSamples one after the other and repeats after the third one: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, …

    Alternatively, you could get rid of the SelectableSound and put all three MultiSamples into the MIDIVoice.  Then, in the Gate field of the first MultiSample, you could use:

    !KeyDown gateWhen: ((!KeyDown countTriggersMod: 3) eq: 0)

    and in the second MultiSample Gate field:

    !KeyDown gateWhen: ((!KeyDown countTriggersMod: 3) eq: 1)

    and so on.  That expression would gate the MultiSamples in order (and each of your MultiSamples is, in turn, selecting a sample based on its base pitch).

    Following your lead, I’ll conclude with Pete’s catch-phrase: “Hope it makes sense”

    Samuel Sacher

    Thank you!

    I will try it immediately!


    Samuel Sacher


    Thank you again!


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