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    Tom Tolleson

    After 25 years of working in audio studios on the Mac platform, I switched my own studio from Mac to PC, mostly for the ability to upgrade and modify the system (the new Linux kernel in Windows helped the decision along too). Here’s the high-level view of my steps to switch:

    1. I bought a Lenovo tower PC (Windows 10 Professional).
    2. Pulled out the motherboard, power supply hard drive, etc. and migrated it to a rack-mounted PC case.
    3. Added the Kyma-recommended Syba PCI express FireWire card
    4. Connected the Paca
    5. Downloaded Kyma 7

    Et voila! Up and running perfectly the first time Kyma 7 ran (see image).

    I honestly didn’t expect this to go as well as it did with all of my hardware fiddling but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

    I’m running on an AMD professor and plan to upgrade to an Intel 9 or Ryzen Threadripper (though I’m worried about the reports of latency at low ASIO buffer sizes). If you have any questions please let me know.


    Tom Tolleson

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