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    Alan Jackson

    The kyma kata is a weekly, on-line, peer learning group.

    We get together for two hours once a week (usually a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening 8pm – 10pm UK time), share our screens and work together on a subject we choose on the night.

    We’ve now had 14 katas since December and we’ve covered topics like:

    • Recording and playing back VCS control movements
    • Capytalk and Smalltalk
    • Encapsulation
    • Making a Panning Replicator and alternating panning algorithms
    • Using the TAU editor
    • Making a 2D & 3D vocal formant filter
    • Timelines and Sounds communicating across tracks using EventValues.
    • The 90 degree phase shifter, the phaser, flanger and single side band effects
    • Resynthesizing using an oscillator bank with a live captured wavetable
    • Using scripts to “patch” Sounds
    • Building a “bouncing ball” Multi-tap delay with replicators
    • Detecting CV through the sound card
    • The Dimuzio Delay

    For a while I was posting on the original Kyma Kata topic before each kata but I’m doing that now. So this is just to say it’s still happening! We’re learning tons and getting more ambitious.

    If you’re interested sign up here and we’ll add you to the slack channel or you can get in touch with me through the SpeakersOnStrings.com website.


    Aaron Zimmermann

    Hey Alan, if you’re doing 8-10pm GMT (noon-2pm PST for me) then i’d really like to give this a try! I’ll sign up for it through the form as well— generally mondays are a little touch-and-go for me but tuesdays or wednesdays are definitely doable.

    David Forman

    Hi, I tried signing up on the Kyma Kata form link on google docs last week but I haven’t seen anything in response. Is this still open for participation? Thanks.


    Alan Jackson

    Hi David,

    Yes it is! We’ve had 53 katas since January. We’re generally having two a week on Monday and Tuesday.


    Sorry for the delay getting back to you.





    Hey Alan, thanks for doing this.

    I have just tried to join you guys this Monday evening but I couldn’t figure out the steps or how to sign in on your slack channel, etc.

    Please let me know what to do and I’ll try again tomorrow Tuesday 29th Oct?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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