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    Alan Jackson

      I woke up this morning with an idea for an on-line peer-learning event, which I called the “Kyma Kata”… because it alliterates.

      Here’s the idea. It’s a relatively short session of 90 minutes where we practice a kyma exercise together and share our results.


      How it works:
      A group of aspiring kymanistas come together on a Google Hangouts video conferencing call where we can share our screens. All levels of kyma ability are heartily welcome!

      We all say “hi”

      The facilitator (who henceforth shall be knows as “the facilitator“. That’s me by the way. Did you miss the election?) introduces the exercise.

      We all turn on screen sharing and work on the exercise for 45 minutes. If you feel stuck you can always have a sneaky peek at what your on-line buddies are up to. We’ll leave mics on so you can shout for inspiration too or message people in the chat. You can work in pairs or form multi-national economic blocs if you want.

      After 45 minutes we stop coding, building, whatever it is we do with kyma and we take it in turns to show the fruits of our labours.


      It’s good to practice and we can learn from each other.

      I’m going to try this idea out for the first time this coming Monday, 17th December at 10:00am – 11:30 UTC (that’s UK time at the moment). This will be an experiment! Come with an open mind. Let’s find out if this works.

      If you’d like to join me in this first experiment sign up here:

      attendance form

      If you’ve got any good ideas for an exercise you can let me know in the form.



      (Did I mention that all abilities are very welcome?)

      Alan Jackson

        Aaron Zimmermann

          I’d be interested! That’s 2am seattle time, so I can’t make any guarantees, but I’m signing up!

          Alan Jackson

            Hi Aaron,

            Fantastic! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

            Will Klingenmeier

              Love the idea! Can we try this again? Maybe we could create a slack channel and correspond etc. there? The time change will probably keep us all from being able to be online at the same time but we could share via the channel. Just a thought!

              Alan Jackson

                We had the inaugural Kata meet-up on Monday. It went really well. Well enough to convince me there’s definitely something here worth pursuing.

                There were only a couple of us on the call (Charlie and I). Because there were only a couple of us we didn’t feel we had to stick to the structure and it was more of a collaboration.

                What I learnt from the experience:

                • I enjoyed it
                • I learned heaps in a short time
                • It encouraged me to learn about an area (conforming to scales) that I had wanted to for ages but had resisted starting.
                • Screensharing really works. There may be better tools than Google Hangouts, but that worked well enough.
                • You need 2 hours for this kind of event.

                So there’s going to be another!

                Tuesday 8th January at 8pm – 10pm GMT/UTC,

                Fill in the sign-up form if you want to come:

                Kyma Kata #2 sign-up form


                And if that event goes well this will probably turn into a regular weekly thing, possibly alternating between Monday UTC 10:00 and Tuesday UTC 20:00.

                Will, I think the Slack channel is a great idea. I’ll sort that out.



                Anders Skibsted

                  This sounds really great. I just signed up for January 9th.



                    Alan Jackson

                      Hi Anders,

                      That’s great! It’s going to be on Tuesday the 8th of January. I just wanted to make sure you got the date right.

                      Anders Skibsted

                        Ok,  got it.

                        Thanks for letting me know

                        Alan Jackson

                          We had a Kata last Tuesday (the 8th) and it was excellent. I had a great time and I think we all learnt something.

                          So we’re doing it again! Next Tuesday, 15th January, 20:00 – 22:00 UCT. 

                          If you’re not already on the email list or slack group sign yourself up using this form and we’ll add you.


                          Alan Jackson

                            We had another Kyma Kata last Tuesday (15th January) and it was a blast. I think we all learnt something, I did at least.

                            We’re doing it again this week! Tuesday 22nd January at 20:00 – 22:00 UCT (& GMT).

                            Sign up here  and I’ll add you to the slack group and email you the link to the hangouts.


                            Alan Jackson


                              The next Kyma Kata is Monday 28th Jan, 20:00 – 22:00 GMT / UTC.

                              Sign up here


                              Alan Jackson

                                The next Kyma Kata is Wednesday 13th Feb 2019, 20:00 – 22:00 GMT / UTC.

                                Sign up here

                                Marco Lopez

                                  Hi everyone,

                                  Is there any Kyma Kata coming soon?

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