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  • Expression Toolkit is a digital music composition toolkit. The toolkit includes data modification prototypes, objects and functions, control paradigms, and composition ideas that help one formulate musical possibilities from discrete and continuous control signals.

    Because Expression Toolkit is more than just one software, this download is only the Kyma Custom Prototypes. These include prototypes for Wacom, Wiimote, Gametrak, and Distance-X as well as Custom Classes (i.e., Data Zoom) and Sounds for working with rhythm, CSV files, scripts, and other concepts inside Kyma.

    Because one may only import a single Custom Prototypes file into Kyma at a time, my Prototypes files had both my toolkit and other Sounds. I've had to work through and remove any 3rd party Sounds from the file. I've done my best to cull out any Sounds that are not publicly available (via forums and Community Sound Library). Any mistakes are mine, and I will fix any errors upon notification. This prototypes are not an "archived" version, which means the .zip only includes Kyma Sounds, not any samples or other dependent source files.

    Simply open Kyma and open to begin using.

    To install into Prototypes browser, simply use Open command (File > Open), select "Custom Prototypes" as the filetype, and open "ExpressionToolkit-CustomPrototypes-physicalComposition-publicVersion.kym" file. The Prototypes browser will reload and include these new prototypes.

    1.0 -- initial release on Kyma website

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