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  • Here's another one of my favourite Sounds that doesn't make any sound.

    MorphGroup was inspired by the parameter morphing on the Nord Modular, although it's not the same and in some ways goes beyond what the Nord can do.

    The purpose of MorphGroup is to allow you to control several VCS faders with a single fader, thereby simplifying your VCS interaction. I use it a lot.

    Kyma is amazing at letting me throw some Sounds together and rapidly make something new, unique and interesting. It's then easy to pepper my flow with !HotValues to find all the interesting control points. But then I usually end up with a very busy VCS. MorphGroup then lets me simplify how I control the Sound by letting me group !HotValues together in interesting ways. Of course you can do this by editing your Capytalk expressions throughout your sound. MorphGroup lets you keep all that logic together in one place.

    MorphGroup lets me specify the input range and output range for each !HotValue it controls as well as the shape of the output response. So a single !Morph fader going from 0 to 1 could control one fader in a range 1 - 10 linearly and another fader from 20 to 20000 using a squared relationship (which you could think of as a rough approximation to logarithmic).

    As an example the other day I was using a wave-folder and Saturator in a feedback flow. Using MorphGroup it was easy to create a control called !Drive that between 0 and 0.5 progressively increased the Saturator's curve and the from 0.5 to 1 continued increase the curve and also geometrically brought in some wavefolding.

    The KYM file has a number of examples to show how it works.

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