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Optimisations and Oversampling
2021-04-20 17:16 #

Hey Cristian,

You were right about the FeedbackLoopInput/Ouput! When they’re set to 1 samp delay they are indeed stereo. That’s just saved us half the DSP resource. Nice.

We tested out the Waveshaper and that can used a stereo waveshaping function file, but appears to only use the left channel as the index, so doesn’t work how we’ve used it as a distortion in the resonance path. Also we couldn’t work out a way to use a WaveShaper in stereo if it’s using a MemoryWriter buffer.

We’ve just updated the filter to version 2.7 with the new optimisations. In the new zip file we’ve included a diagram that shows how the oversampling is implemented. Hopefully that helps explain it. Basically what we’re doing is processing the signal three times within the one sample duration as if we’ve unwrapped the loop that would have done the process three times if the sample rate was three times faster. We then take the output from the final unwrapped iteration.