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  • This is a mix between the MemoryWriter and the new amazing MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex. I was thinking of calling this MemoryWriterWithTimeIndexAndStreamingRecord... but...

    From it's description:

    "The MemoryRecorder is a hybrid mix of the MemoryWriter, MemoryWriter in cyclic mode and MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex.

    Like the MemoryWriter it lets you stream continuous audio into the buffer using the Record function.

    Like the MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex it also lets you write a single value at a specified location within the buffer using Gate or Trigger.

    It can also act like a hybrid of the two by letting you specify a starting point within the buffer using the TimeIndex input and then stream audio from that location onwards using Record.

    It has a stereo mode and has options to emit a TimeIndex ramp on channel 3 and End Of Cycle trigger on channel 4."


    I'm rushing to get this out because I'm so excited about the new MemoryWriterWithTimeIndex! I've done a fair amount of testing on this Sound but if you do find any glitches or bugs let me know.

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