Static PitchShift TimeStretch

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    • Updated: 29 March 2022
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  • This version has been superceded by V2.3 in the KkPitchShiftTimeStretch Bundle which has more smoothness.

    Similar to the KkPitchShiftTimeStretch, this is a granular pitch shifter and time stretcher that works with static files (and MemoryWriter buffers).

    This version has more sample rate control of parameters such as WindowSize and ScalePitch. You also have manual control of the playback position and can slow the rate as much as you like for as long as you like or even freeze the position with a Rate of zero.

    You can have forward playing grains while moving backwards through the buffer. Or backward playing grains while moving forward... or backward.

    You can even control the pitch of playback from a keyboard (see the included example which has a polyphony of 8).

    It's in stereo too.

    - by the Kyma Kata group

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