Jon Bellona: Running ExpressionsJon Bellona is an intermedia artist/composer who specializes in digital technologies. Jon’s work explores the enactive body and physical embodiment in music, especially live performance of electronic instruments. Additional research delves into broader themes of data-driven music and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Jon’s first foray into Kyma began in 2009 as a Master’s student under the tutelage of Jeffrey Stolet at the University of Oregon. His first piece, AUU (2010), was composed exclusively with the Wacom tablet and Kyma. Since then, Jon has had the fortunate opportunity to attend four KISS conferences (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015), meet wonderful Kyma practitioners, and listen to some great music composed with Kyma. It is a privilege to contribute to Insights. Tune in for posts related to controllers, data, and performance tools.

Recent posts:
CSV files in Kyma, Part I

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