First order ambisonic encoder/decoder 2.5a

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    • Updated: 18 September 2019
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  • ** For more information about how to build or adjust ambisonic tools, please download the tutorial over here:

    These are encoders and decoders for first order ambisonic type B.  It also contains encorder that allows you to pan any sound into ambisonic space, and a space controller that allow you to rotate the whole ambisonic space the way you want.

    It also contains ambisonic decoders for multichannel 2D space, 3D space, and binaural for headphone for you to build your VR sounds.

    Have fun!!

    What's new in 2.5a Select "LowerCost" in BinauralPanner for lower cost binaural ambisonic decoding.

    What's new in 2.5: !W is available as a variable instead of constant right now.  You can lower !W value to make the sound spread out or raise to sound centered (or mono).


    What's new in 2.0:

    Support Ambisonic Type A and Ambix file format.

    Provide Ambisonic Type A to Type B and Ambix translators.

    Provide space controller in all 2D, 3D, including binaural decoders.

    One recording example for testing.

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