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  • About NeverEngine Labs™

    • …study Kyma by ear and by example from a growing library of original content
    • …get inspired by the high quality of what you see and hear
    • …pick up advanced techniques in Capytalk,  VCS design and performance possibilities
    • …socialise with fellow Kyma practictioners

    NeverEngine Labs is a creative commercial initiative for Kyma users at all levels. These virtual “Labs” can be subscribed to on a monthly or annual basis, each focusing on developing different areas of the Kyma universe, in an open workshop style environment. This is achieved using a powerful team devlopment tool called 'Slack' and a file sharing system called 'Dropbox'. The Labs aim to foster creative ideas for music composition and sound design in Kyma Seven, and to help users get more perspectives on what this powerful system is capable of.

    Many of the Kyma designs, and indeed the Labs themselves, are not intended to be fixed in their function  (like plug-ins or presets are). As a subscriber, you are encouraged to deconstruct and recombine  the Sounds and their inner elements and use what you learn in your own work. Don’t expect to get it all straight away! You will find no instruction manuals, but instead our live communication channels dedicated to discussion around the content of each Lab and regular file updates with brief notes. All in all, subscribing to a NeverEngine Lab means less conventional study,  open expectations and a lot of listening, curiosity and company  ( by the way – its also ok to enjoy the Sounds on your own, at your own pace! )

    As mentioned above, a subscription entitles you to access all the NeverEngine Labs Slack channels. Slack is a free and powerful tool for communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Cristian Vogel, the founder of NeverEngine Labs, co-developer Gustav Scholda and other participants will  be reachable there all the time. You are invited to discuss anything related to the Labs or your own work and to contribute ideas, sounds and more in a lively and fast changing environment. Certainly a valuable resource to have, alongside the official Kyma Q&A forums.

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