Embedded Markers as Audio Triggers

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    Leverage embedded markers in audio files to create an array of time stamps that can be used inside "tripWires: #()" array as timing gate for sample-accurate triggering.

    Link to my initial Q&A question: https://kyma.symbolicsound.com/qa/6074/markers-as-audio-sample-triggers?show=6077#a6077

    Steps for using 1. Embed markers in audio

    2. Run the Capytalk in this file and write down the times that are shown in debug window.

    3. Either copy the times into "tripWires: #()" array, used as gate for audio sample trigger (so you can select which ones to use) OR simple use (1 ramp: !Length s) tripWIres: #(markers asArray)

    4. Playback. sounds are triggered exactly when they should be. no matter how much time stretching you do on the audio file.

    Examples show how it's done.

    version 1.2 - added README and included dynamic code to use sampleMarkerPosition asArray in tripWires:. Thank you Alan Jackson.

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