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pops and crackles while using cloud reverb with frequency * 0.5

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hello Kyma community


Having this issue that can't figure why, always having crackles and pops while using granular reverb (samplecloud) with frequency set to lower than default ( i.e. * 0.5 )

see example attached



thanks in advance



asked May 2 in Using Kyma by christian-hernandez (160 points)
reshown May 3 by christian-hernandez

1 Answer

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Hi Christian,

If you mean values less than 0.5 in the Freqency fader on the VCS I can see why you are having pops etc.

The frequency fader on your VCS is controlling the low shelving filter (in Frequency hz) not the frequency of the reverb clouds. I'd be using a minimum of 5-20 or so in that field.


answered May 3 by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,330 points)
hi Sean,

thanks for taking a look

the frequency I am related is the one on samplecloud itself and not the filter

I am multiplying the frequency to 0.5 so I can have the grains playing an octave below. When I do this it starts to give pops and cracks

thanks in advance for any help