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Sensel Morph MPE with Kyma

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Hi there,

I am trying to make Sensel Morph with Buchla layout work in Kyma as MPE controller. It seems that it is working as a regular Midi but not MPE.

Does anybody know if MPE out of Sensel is supported? I pluggeed Sensel to the Paca and select it in DSP status and select Yes in Continuum and MPE compatible. Do I need to do something else?
asked May 10, 2019 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by antongolota (130 points)
Have you tried connecting the Morph to your host PC and using the Morph's app, then routing the midi to the paca(rana) over an ethernet cable using KymaConnect?
I've just fallen down the rabbit hole of Morph videos. It looks really cool! What does it feel like?
I don't have KymaConnect. I communicate with Paca via Midi on interface and iPad through network adapter.
It is quite nice piece of hardware. Different layouts are really cool. I am going to trip and I am taking iPad and keyboard layout so I can type using Morph and with Buchla layout I can play sound apps. I cannot say how if feels with Kyma since I can only send standard midi.
Does anyone know if the sensel is supported yet in Kyma as an MPE device? (Either plugged directly in or via Kyma Connect?)
Not on my experience. Sensel's MPE implementation does not include any of the necessary MIDI messages that lets an application like Kyma to automatically set up necessary parameters like polyphony and pitchbend range. It also does not respond to the MIDI query commands that Kyma uses to identify that an MPE controller is present. The only way that I have found to use it is to have another MPE controller hooked up that Kyma does recognize. Once Kyma has entered MPE mode for the current running Sound it will respond to any MPE controller.
Thanks, that’s a shame. Makes me wonder whether Kyma could introduce a force MPE mode, which activates regardless of response to its query.  That would mean it would work with any MPE device...

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