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Capybara and Pacarana Troubleshooting

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Is anyone using his Capy as an audio interface for the Pacarana ?

I have some issues with my PacaBara....

The Capy appears in the audio input drop-down menu (i previously configure it with the 'Select DSP' menu).

When the Capy is initialised, i have some signals on its AES outputs.

When i play a sound in Kyma 7, there is no signal on the AES outputs ....

It looks like the routing beetwen the Capy and the Paca is wrong.

I've check the Route Outputs, everything seems fine (the output of the Capy are labelled as Virtual_Out_0 to 5)

Thanks for your help.

asked Jan 29, 2016 in Hardware & Interfaces by gurwal (120 points)
Its been a long time since I tried this, and never with Kyma 7. It used to work fine but I do remember there were intermittent problems related to my specific FireWire set up.

One thing that you might try is to run Kyma X and select the Capybara as the sound engine. Try loading a Kyma sound to see if you can get the Capybara's AES to work properly using the Capybara stand alone. That way you could confirm that your AES connections, etc. are working properly.
Thanks for your answer !
Kyma X works fine with the Capy, the AES connections are working properly.
In the DSP Status of Kyma 7, the Capy is recognized as the audio interface, but i can't hear the sound from the outputs of Kyma 7....
Do the analog outs work?
unfortunately no...
That suggests to me that the Capybara is initializing properly to act as a soundcard.

How are your FireWire devices connected? Do you have any other FireWire devices connected besides your soundcard,  the Paca, and the Flame? Are they in a daisy chain, and if so what is the order?

If I recall (its been awhile) I was not able to get a stable set up until I got the order right. I did something like this:

MacFW800 <-> Pacarana <-> Flame. The last cable was a FW800-to-FW400.

The soundcard was on a different physical Mac port (but same bus). It was the only connection (no daisy chained devices). When I  attach a FireWire HDD its always to a different Mac port.

None of this is supposed to matter but in practice sometimes FireWire devices are sensitive to the connection order.

Also, had this been working recently and then stop working? If so was their a Pacarana firmware update since you last used it successfully?

Its a long shot but check your cables that they are properly seated. Also consider swapping out cables for another known good cable.
Gurwal has figured out a way to get this to work for now.  It works fine for us on our setup here, so we are still trying to figure out what's different about his setup.  

Doug's suggestions are all great ideas, though they don't seem to be the problem in this particular case.
Hi, I think I have exactly the same problem; no sound coming from Capybara when it is the interface. Here is my setup: MacBook Air (10.11.3, 8GB RAM, SSD, Kyma 7) -> Thunderbolt-to-FW800 adapter (came with the Air) -> FW800 to Pacarana. Capybara/Flame is connected with a FW800-to-FW400 (came with the Pacarana) to the other FW800 port on the Pacarana. Problem: I see activity in the output meters but no audio coming out from Capybara (neither analogue nor digital). Once I actually got output from the Capy (as an interface) but I don't know what was different, if any.

However, I can select Capybara as the DSP and and even run some sounds (in Kyma 7) and I have the sound coming out (both analogue and digital) from the Capy.

I also have some, probably unrelated permission problems most likely because I installed Kyma 7 on a different account from where I will use it. This problem makes it impossible to create a proper debug log. How can I do an absolutely clean (re)instal? What files (preferences, etc.) I need to delete beside Kyma app?

Cheers,  Tibor
A clean install is not necessary so please don't go through the trouble.

Is your TC interface working with Kyma 7 and the Pacarana now?

When you see output on the DSP status meters but do not hear sound coming through the Capybara, please try selecting Rescan in the DSP status from the menu labelled Control.
Thanks for the comment!
The TC Voice Live Touch 2 is working with the Pacarana. I tried already the rescan, swapping the connectors, changing the order of turning on the units and whatever came to my mind. Nothing brought the Capy output sound.
With best wishes,  Tibor
We will continue this debugging with Gurwal and Tibor by email and summarize the solution here once we have it.

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