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How do I keep audio input out of the TC Voice Live Touch 2 outputs?

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Hi, I am new here :) I am setting up my Pacarana system.

It seems that this unit works as interface to Pacarana, but there is one limitation: it is not possible to remove the VLT2 input from its outputs. I was hoping that with some settings I can achieve that only Pacarana processes the input only the audio from Pacarana goes to the output (without VLT2 processing or dry).

VLT2 mic -> USB into Pacarana -> USB from Pacarana -> VLT2 output.

This is not possible because the output of the VLT2 is always routed to its output ad the USB can not replace it, just mix.

I wonder if anybody uses this device with Pacarana and could achive the above routing.

Cheers, Tibor
asked Jan 30, 2016 in Hardware & Interfaces by tibor-pali (210 points)
Have you tried adjusting the levels of the effects so that they are set to "off"?

Does changing the USB Input and Output levels in the Output Mix page help?
I looked in the TC manual again. So inputs on the VLT2 can be eiher the phyical inputs or USB (they are mutually exclusive). In this application (Pacarana being a vocal processor and synth and the TC VLT2 is an interface) I need the physical inputs, so the USB input goes to the phyical outs of the VLT2 and not to the VLT2 engine. In this case, this is the routing (neglecting aux and guitar inputs, loops in the TC):

TC Inputs -> TC effects (or bypass) -> TC output
TC Inputs -> TC effects (or bypass) -> level control -> USB -> Kyma -> USB -> level control -> TC output

The problem is that the signal from the TC physical input to the TC output can't be broken broken or turned down. So bypassing or turing down the effects will not remove the dry input from the output, and the USB level controls don't change this either. So, if I bypass the TC effects I get the dry vocal (without level control) + the Kyma output (with level control) in the TC output. The dry or effected vocal is always there.

However, there might be one option, which is probably the only possibility: by-passing or turning down the effects and setting LEAD MUTE ON (hopefully "lead mute" is allowed with by-passed effects). In this case there should be no signal output(s) other than what is coming in the USB (from Kyma)! I hope this works at least in one of the output modes (stereo, mono, dual mono). I will try!
So, removing the dry and effected signal from the TC output also removes it from the USB (to Kyma) because it seems that the USB is sourced from the TC output right before the DA. This means that the dry or TC effected signal is always present in the TC output (without a level fader) and the USB input (from Kyma) can only be mixed to it (with a a level fader). This is only problem if on wants to use Kyma as an effect box: If one makes no effect with the TC (e.g. talk mode) only the Kyma effect will be heard, mixed with the dry signal in the TC output and the dry signal can not be decreased. I will make some drawing about the TC audio routings.

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